Terjemahan dari perennial
eternal, lasting, timeless, immortal, perennial, enduring
tahan lama
durable, perennial, serviceable, wear-resistant
eternal, everlasting, lasting, immutable, permanent, perennial
annual, yearly, perennial, anniversary, Etesian
tumbuhan yg tetap hijau
Definisi perennial
lasting or existing for a long or apparently infinite time; enduring or continually recurring.
his perennial distrust of the media
sinonim: abiding, enduring, lasting, everlasting, perpetual, eternal, continuing, unending, unceasing, never-ending, endless, undying, ceaseless, persisting, permanent, constant, continual, unfailing, unchanging, never-changing
a perennial plant.
The following is a list of suggested annuals, perennials and foliage plants.
  • abiding, enduring, lasting, everlasting, perpetual, eternal, continuing, unending, unceasing,never-ending, endless, undying, ceaseless, persisting, permanent, constant, continual,unfailing, unchanging, never-changing
  • repeated, recurrent
Contoh perrenial
Up to 99 percent of the water in the perennial rivers of the Chihuahuan Desert is diverted to municipal water supplies or to irrigate fields.
Few scholars of our time have so exemplified the permanent student and perennial teacher.
As a perennial student of crime, I am here to tell you that there is no such thing as a monster.
The ‘curse’ of Namibia is that the country’s perennial rivers are far from the interior.
As perennial plants grow, they can fill the entire pot with their roots.
There are some hardy perennial plants that we, as gardeners, simply must have.
After we turned the river Arvari into a perennial river through water harvesting, the government started to give out licenses for fishing in that river.
Internal communication difficulties were a perennial problem with large organisations, he claimed.
The sequence may be random, erratic or a continuous pattern (for some time) but like a perennialriver, the thought flow goes on.
Despite a massive budget and state-of-the-art facilities including not one but two test tracks, they remain perennial underachievers.
He said priorities include the implementation of the decision taken on agriculture, to have drop-down irrigation schemes along perennial rivers.
Local people say the pond is slowly dying as the perennial spring which fed the waters has been choked by a slab laid for the construction of a building.
The once stable, slow – moving, marshy perennial river transformed into an unstable, flood-prone, intermittent stream.
Over the years, various stage productions have added their own theatrical styles to the show, ensuring it remains a perennial favourite of theatre-goers around the world.
Fertilizers formulated for perennial flowers are usually fine.
The greatest concentrations of game in Namibia can be found in Etosha National Park, an enormous silvery depression ringed by perennial springs.
Perhaps you are a collector of qualifications – a perennial student.
The Okavango River is quite unique in that it is the only perennial river in Africa that flows eastwards without reaching the ocean.
Weeds wither within a few minutes (though perennial weeds will require repeat applications).
This is unlike the situation in perennial lakes where sedimentation also occurs on sloping margins, thus perpetuating variations in depth.
Their coach was cautious about his team’s chances of finally ending its role as perennial second to Munich.
Among Anza-Borrego’s wetlands is Coyote Creek, a perennial stream in the northwest corner of the park.
A perennial favourite among modern readers are the bestsellers on subjects such as cookery, home improvement, self-help and personality development.
His life was lived trying to get in touch with the deepest truth of being and its enactment in society and an engagement with the perennial question of all Indian philosophies: Who am I?
Yet he remains anchored in the permanent things, in the perennial liberal tradition.
Therefore, cattle could not be moved directly from wheat pasture to cool season perennial grass.
He puts up big numbers, fits perfectly within a team concept, and plays a central role on a perennialpowerhouse.
Water availability is a major challenge as the Lusitu river which used to be a perennial river has virtually dried up largely due to damming activities in Mazabuka up stream.
Can you think of some measures to control the flow of these natural and perennial springs?
The perennial herb is native to southern Europe, Asia and the Mediterranean.
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