Terjemahan dari franchise
right, title, heel, claim, franchise, due
monopoly, franchise, corner
license, franchise, licence
hak pilih
suffrage, vote, franchise
hak memilih
suffrage, vote, franchise
Definisi franchise
an authorization granted by a government or company to an individual or group enabling them to carry out specified commercial activities, e.g., providing a broadcasting service or acting as an agent for a company’s products.
Finally, they found individuals interested in purchasing franchises .
sinonim: warrant, charter, license, permit, authorization, permission, sanction, privilege
the right to vote.
But, of course, the real test of that will only come in a little over two years time when we will all be off to the polling stations to exercise the franchise in another general election.
grant a franchise to (an individual or group).
Another 24 petroleum dealers who are franchised by several of the other marketing companies are part of the consortium, but others could join, Observer sources say.
  • suffrage, the vote, the right to vote, voting rights, enfranchisement
  • warrant, charter, license, permit, authorization, permission, sanction, privilege
  • dealership
  • enfranchisement
The Arena League also has a swamp-based franchise , the New Jersey Gladiators.
But, of course, the real test of that will only come in a little over two years time when we will all be off to the polling stations to exercise the franchise in another general election.
In December, Robert L. Johnson became the first black principal owner of a major pro sports team when he was awarded an expansion franchise in Charlotte.
the franchise was limited to Estonian citizens
Recently, they adopted a Double-A minor league franchise called the Portland Sea Dogs of Portland, Maine.
These sovereign rights were only loaned to Parliament, which should be elected on a wide popularfranchise and hold the people’s rights in trust.
He observed how ever that there were a number of problems associated with second hand cars which gave an advantage to the franchise holders.
If it proves a success here, the lads are planning to franchise it across Europe.
A consortium was granted the eight-year franchise last year with subsidies totalling £637 million over its full term.
A franchise is a legal and commercial relationship between the owner of a trademark, service mark, trade name, or advertising symbol and an individual or group wishing to use that identification in a business.
It also extended the franchise for elections to all persons in the country over the age of 18, and then squashed voices of dissent.
Today, yet another election passes by and I am denied franchise yet again, despite the fact that I am a citizen, resident and investor in Trinidad and Tobago.
The world, most parts of which were in turmoil, watched as a newly independent country, with numerous problems, chose to move straight into universal adult franchise .
the Harry Potter franchise
They had to launch a determined struggle to secure the right of adult franchise .
As I left, I was thinking about the duty to vote, the long and bitter fight for the universal franchise , suffragettism, the great reform acts.
The Prem Group will recruit independent developers to franchise the Wingate and Days brands in Ireland over the coming years.
The medieval constitution of the town, with its minuscule political franchise , was frozen in place.
It adopted a liberal programme, demanding a Bill of Rights, a qualified (but not universal) franchise , and the abolition of racial discrimination.
His career revived, Layne leads what had been a moribund Lions franchise to three league championships in eight years.
Liberal attempts to achieve universal franchise were failing miserably.
Kay said that in many cases it is easier to get finance for a franchise than for a new business.
the bishop’s authority was deployed to extend the franchise of civilized Christian living
L.A. is celebrity central, of course, and the Lakers are afraid of losing their status as the league’s glamour franchise .
He points out that the London mayor has powers to franchise bus services.
‘I could not be involved in it if we were just going to franchise it out willy-nilly,’ she said.
Review your assets to determine whether you have the financial wherewithal to afford the costs of operating a franchise .
Hull Trains, which runs daily services from Selby to London, is moving from strength to strength after being granted a franchise extension.
franchise holders
They were a minority in terms of voting, because if one put that issue to the vote, those who hadfranchise to vote on it were men.
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