Terjemahan dari omen
sign, omen, foreshadow, presage, premonition, augury
sign, mark, signal, alert, token, omen
address, mailing address, sign, omen, blazon, target
talent, flair, aptitude, gift, makings, omen
function, work, deed, sign, omen
Definisi omen
an event regarded as a portent of good or evil.
the ghost’s appearance was an ill omen
  • portent, sign, signal, token, forewarning, warning, danger sign, foreshadowing, prediction,forecast, prophecy, harbinger, augury, auspice, presage, straw in the wind, (hand)writing on the wall, indication, hint, foretoken
  • prognostication, prodigy, prognostic, portent, presage
  • prognosticate, betoken, forecast, foretell, portend, foreshadow, bode, augur, prefigure, predict,auspicate, presage
  •  A loss at Old Trafford would see Louis van Gaal’s men hand West Ham a Premier League record but the omens are promising that the hosts could hold off the Hammers.
  • Under the violent rain whose splashes make them almost invisible, the ornamental fish of auspiciousomen turn slowly in their pools.
  • a rise in imports might be an omen of recovery
  • The glorious sunshine was the first good omen ; the best Sunday this summer.
  • the ghost’s appearance was an ill omen
  • The egg has, during the span of history, represented mystery, magic, medicine, food and omen .
  • It seemed a suitably surreal omen for the journey.
  • Nor does he believe in the evil eye, bad omen , and that kind of stuff.
  • On 14 June, a meteor was seen to fall into the Turkish camp, a very good omen .
  • But one auspicious omen appears in the graphic sidebar accompanying the article.
  • It was no omen , no gigantic prophecy that comes but once an age, but there was power that night.
  • the raven seemed a bird of evil omen
  • If today was any kind of omen about the wedding or the subsequent years after the wedding, I am frightened.
  • He wondered if maybe she had been some kind of omen , a harbinger of the chaos that was enveloping the entire SpaceHold.
  • Bangalore’s roads were a distinct bad omen for its new government.
  • a rise in imports might be an omen of recovery
  • Tracey must have not been home, which was an absolute good omen to Delilah.
  • the ghost’s appearance was an ill omen
  • Or is placing a feathered creature upon the shoulders considered an even bleaker omen than shooting one?
  • In our happy innocence, we all theorized what this good omen might have signified.
  • the raven seemed a bird of evil omen
  • Another good omen : New factory orders are coming in faster than shipments are going out.
  • But for all the omens and portents, the magic in Shalimar is firmly at the service of the realism.
  • Well in fact when you do someone’s horoscope, you must find some dark sign, some bad omens as it were.
  • But Krishnaa did not need evil omens to tell her what was going to happen.
  • By now the portents and ill omens that had dogged the start of their journey were receding quickly into memory.
  • The omens , however, from within Whitehall are not encouraging.
  • If you’re looking for omens, then the omens are good, but you’ve also got to say that Ipswich are a strong side.
  • The midwife had muttered of portents and omens , but the full confirmation came some hours later.
  • These and other strange omens are proffered as signs that the hour is nigh.
  • These religious offences were taken as ill omens for the expedition and threats to the democracy.
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