Terjemahan dari vitriolic
spicy, scathing, hot, pungent, scalding, vitriolic
sangat tajam
Definisi vitriolic
filled with bitter criticism or malice.
vitriolic attacks on the politicians
sinonim: acrimonious, rancorous, bitter, caustic, mordant, acerbic, trenchant, virulent, spiteful, savage, venomous, poisonous, malicious, splenetic, nasty, mean, cruel, unkind, harsh, hostile, vindictive, vicious, scathing, barbed, wounding, sharp, cutting, withering, sarcastic, bitchy, catty
  • acrimonious, rancorous, bitter, caustic, mordant, acerbic, trenchant, virulent, spiteful, savage,venomous, poisonous, malicious, splenetic, nasty, mean, cruel, unkind, harsh, hostile,vindictive, vicious, scathing, barbed, wounding, sharp, cutting, withering, sarcastic, bitchy,catty
  • mordant, corrosive, caustic, erosive
  • acerbic, blistering, acrid, virulent, sulphurous, acerb, sulfurous, acid, bitter, caustic
Lebih sedikit sinonim
Many who had been, in one way or another, sympathetic to socialism before 1915, now distinguished themselves for their vitriolic attacks on the party of alleged defeatism.
Such stirring events provoked a range of responses, and those printed here are bitter, mournful,vitriolic , and celebratory in turn.
The cabinet meeting was characterised by vitriolic attacks on the unemployed.
She has been subjected to a vitriolic attack by a female newspaper columnist for ‘sharing every cough and spit of her agony’.
She has been on the receiving end of other withering and vitriolic attacks from women columnists.
This simply will not do, given the play’s premises and vitriolic criticism of capitalism.
Dadaists were known for their vitriolic personal attacks on the people identified with a movement, idea or company they opposed.
I’ll try not to take his vitriolic attack on the film personally, and hope that audiences will form their own opinions.
It’s the kind of thing where other people’s vitriolic criticism of it makes me suspect I’ll really like it.
In 1800 he attempted to prevent Adams’s re-election by publishing a vitriolic personal attack on him.
It is not hard to see how libels and satires might foster conflict, for they offer mostly vitriolic attacks on individuals or vices.
One or two turned vitriolic in their public criticism, and one anonymously accused him of fraud.
A feud between academics over Robert Burns’ politics has taken a vitriolic turn with a savage attack by one expert on his rival’s book.
Racism, homophobia, McCarthyism, classism, it’s all on display as they try to muzzle those who disagree by vitriolic , personal attack.
Almost without exception, though, critics saved their most vitriolic attacks for the plan’s local contribution requirements.
Polemical works on a variety of religious issues reveal a bitter and vitriolic side to his nature.
I was appalled to read the mayor’s vitriolic attack on the homeless.
Adapting some of the most celebrated, sexual, raw, bitter and vitriolic love poems ever written, the drama explores the inspiration behind the sonnets.
The intensity of the raw, vitriolic malice in the sibilant voice was beyond anything in even his fevered, psychotic dreams.
An irascible bachelor, he was often vitriolic in his criticism of the work of other artists, and jealous of their successes.
At the same time, Tolstoy vitriolically attacked Lear, eccentrically stating a preference for King Leir.
Green’s arrogant belief that he has been dragged down by his environment and peers leads him tovitriolically reject the class he was born into.
The only problem I have with this vitriolically elegant production is its speed: this brittle, precise text mustn’t be rushed.
His writing is lethally sharp and vitriolically funny: the jagged aggressiveness of American speech moulded almost into poetry.
How is it that the people of Ontario vitriolically hate the party that gave them more days off, and love the party that slashed health care and turned education into a joke?



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