seemingly absurd or self-contradictory.

  • It would be paradoxical to advocate an inquiry into inquiries, but we can begin to see criteria that will make them more likely to succeed.
  • The paradoxical truth is that nothing is more unpopular with the public than the pursuit of the public interest.
  • In the end his interest in ‘ordinary’ life accompanies a paradoxical despair about change.
  • It is also about the paradoxical tension between human freedom and divine providence.
  • Both appear to have a paradoxical effect of either increasing or decreasing the stress response.
  • The strength of capitalism is, paradoxically, also its weakness.
  • Heterogeneity and choice are paradoxically often expressed through consumption and marketing.
  • But as the lifespan of the average person grows longer, paradoxically the age at which people are retiring is falling.
  • The French, paradoxically, like to feel like included outsiders.
  • Uniforms, paradoxically, can allow for a greater sense of true personal uniqueness.

Related Words

  • Contradictory – kontradiktif, bertentangan, berlawanan
  • self-contradictory,
  • inconsistent – tidak konsiste
  • incongruous – tidak sesuai/cocok/layak/pantas
  • anomalous – ganjil, tidak normal, menyimpang dari biasa, tidak lazim
  • illogical – tidak logis, tidak masuk akal, lacking sense or clear, sound reasoning.
  • Puzzling – membingungkan, menimbulkan teka-teki, causing one to be puzzled; perplexing.
  • Baffling – membingungkan, mengherankan, mengagumkan
  • Incomprehensible – yang tidak dapat dimengerti, tidak terpahamkan
  • Inexplicable – yg tidak dapat dipahami, yg tidak dapat dijelaskan
  • self-contradictory – kontradiksi diri



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