Terjemahan dari perilous
dangerous, harmful, hazardous, treacherous, perilous, noxious
penuh bahaya
dangerous, harmful, endangering, perilous, unsafe, pestiferous
penuh risiko
hazardous, perilous, wildcat, chanceful
Definisi perilous
full of danger or risk.
a perilous journey south
sinonim: dangerous, fraught with danger, hazardous, risky, unsafe, treacherous, precarious, vulnerable, uncertain, insecure, exposed, at risk, in jeopardy, in danger, touch-and-go, dicey
  • dangerous, fraught with danger, hazardous, risky, unsafe, treacherous, precarious, vulnerable,uncertain, insecure, exposed, at risk, in jeopardy, in danger, touch-and-go, dicey
  • touch-and-go, parlous, precarious
Contoh perilious
  • Multilayered clouds, low ceilings, winter icing, fog and high winds make air-to-ground engagements¬†perilous among mountain peaks.
  • During the first two seasons, creators treated even the most perilous situations with a tongue-in-cheek attitude.
  • I thus embark on a perilous undertaking, knowing full well that I risk the wrath of both women and men.
  • The defender, recognizing his perilous position, then forces the space open.
  • The prospect of mass destruction made real the perilous state of western civilization.
  • Yet while each took politically perilous lead roles on controversial issues, both managed to win new four-year terms.
  • He does just that and embarks on the most perilous journey of his life.
  • To dismiss and to ignore this further issue as an irrelevancy is absolutely perilous .
  • If they did not, the situation may be even more perilous .
  • We are appalled at the perilous state of the farming and fishing industries.
  • After a while, the trio finally got underway and started their perilous journey.
  • But failure to create a viable land settlement was politically perilous .
  • But over the past few days, the local fishermen have proved as perilous as the weather conditions.
  • It was during this perilous time of greed and destruction that a prophecy was made.
  • One minute he would be home, the next gone on a perilous mission.
  • For mothers and children, the situation is even more perilous .
  • Despite the government’s policies, many more people are about to undertake these perilous voyages.
  • His financial state is also said to be increasingly perilous .
  • If life in politics is precarious, it seems to be particularly perilous for those who are close to him.
  • He had immediately made the perilous journey – just to see to my funeral!
  • The situation was extremely perilous and the patrol was in danger of being wiped out by the heavy crossfire.
  • But when the distances are longer and the borders tougher, the journeys become much more perilous .
  • The travel back wasn’t nearly as perilous as the travel into the forest.
  • It’s difficult to overstate the perilousness of the situation.
  • They had come perilously close to scuttling their season.
  • A visual feast, it brilliantly captures the perilousness of being an animal, and an outsider, in a cruel bipedal world.
  • The best writers I know and read are excruciatingly aware of the perilousness of their situation.
  • There is a little school, though numbers are perilously low.
  • At the same time, commerce and art came perilously close to collusion.
  • Along the way, it treads a perilously fine line between heartfelt naturalism and out-and-out sentimentality.



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