Terjemahan dari inane
stupid, foolish, fool, dumb, ignorant, inane
foolish, stupid, fool, silly, idiotic, inane
kurang bijaksana
undiplomatic, maladroit, crackbrained, inane, ill-judged
empty, blank, vacant, free, bare, inane
tak berarti
meaningless, insignificant, negligible, pointless, inconsiderable, inane
Definisi inane
silly; stupid.
don’t constantly badger people with inane questions
sinonim: silly, foolish, stupid, fatuous, idiotic, ridiculous, ludicrous, absurd, senseless, asinine, frivolous, vapid, childish, puerile, dumb, moronic, ditzy, daft
  • silly, foolish, stupid, fatuous, idiotic, ridiculous, ludicrous, absurd, senseless, asinine,frivolous, vapid, childish, puerile, dumb, moronic, ditzy, daft
  • mindless, fatuous, vacuous, asinine
This question, as inane as it might seem, is extremely important and far deeper than one would suppose.
Why did he continue to make those inane movies and those bad songs?
I try to be as stupid and inane as possible about serious subjects, like a bloke in a pub.
I brace myself for something offensive or vulgar or just inane enough to cause me to stifle a laugh.
I reminded myself of the inane woman I once overheard in a garden shop.
To pretend that her critics have merely misplaced their anger is psychobabble of the most inane sort.
Granted, the ‘how many times a day do you think about it’ question is completely inane .
We’d already been bickering over something inane on the way to an event that night.
I still think that they think some of the things that I’ve done theatrically are inane .
Some people chew gum when they quit smoking – I just find more inane things to obsess about.
I bet you made up that whole stupid, inane , poorly written story about Ben Franklin and the seance.
Hey, it’s better than being herded into a line and forced to watch inane television programs.
The more time there is to fill news, the more inane things are going to be said.
I’m just having a difficult time with the media and their inane coverage of this campaign.
That last sentence is so inane you wonder whether he realizes what he’s saying.
However, if you ask him to write a story he will bore you to death with the most inane and purely factual account of the events you can imagine.
I can only imagine that the post-convention theme will be just as inane .
Additionally, it is inane to suggest that any Texas voters will be confused or misled by our client’s website.
She didn’t want to waste Jordan’s time with inane questions about her love life.
Did this debate speak to you, or were you embarrassed by some of these inane questions?
I know what some of you are thinking: ‘Oh, he’s far too serious, and all he does is waffle on inanely , without providing any decent links to interesting sites around the net.’
The whole point was that everyone in the office was too worn down by the drudgery and inanity of their jobs to challenge Brent’s horrifying misogyny and other casual cruelties.
For some reason, this suddenly struck me as extremely funny, and I nearly burst out giggling inanelyright there.
Technique is a helpful ally, but if you lean a little too heavily on computer graphics and other catch gizmos, they blind a viewer with inaneness .
I would question you further, to demonstrate the inaneness of your comment, but I deem it unworthy of my time.
Often I just nod inanely and mutter’ fine’ even when I am less than impressed.
I said to him, inanely , ‘You seem to be a happy man.’
The inanity of the lyrics, which often focus on hallucinogens, ‘hos’ and homicide, leaves something to be desired, too.
When is someone going to call him on this inanity ?
Plus, it’d be a waste of my time to mention all the stupid inanities floating through his head.



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