Terjemahan dari episodic
tdk sengaja
episodic, adventitious, aleatory, coincidental, contingent, episodical
Definisi episodic
containing or consisting of a series of loosely connected parts or events.
an episodic narrative
sinonim: in episodes, in installments, in sections, in parts
  • intermittent, sporadic, periodic, fitful, irregular, spasmodic, occasional, nonconsecutive
  • in episodes, in installments, in sections, in parts
  • occasional
Stressors may be acute, sequential, episodic , chronically intermittent, sustained, or anticipated.
Many causes of abdominal pain are episodic in nature, but the episodes may be weeks to months apart.
Unfortunately, the film really doesn’t have a narrative, just an episodic series of events.
He’s like James Joyce, his novels are episodic and open-ended; they go all over the place, in seven directions at once.
For episodic outbursts, success often results from combining drug therapy with a careful analysis of the context and precipitants of the outburst.
Over the full span of U.S. history, having huge armed forces has been an episodic , decidedly temporary event, but for today’s Americans under the age of 70 this situation is all they have ever known.
It all works in outline, but the episodic unfolding of events lacks energy.
He moved into directing episodic television, winning a DGA nomination for his work on the Emmy-winning drama ER.
Closely related to whether a story is thematic or episodic is its length.
COPD is characterized by chronic airflow obstruction and episodic increases in sputum production, cough and dyspnea.
Structurally, it works – the disjointed narrative gives it an episodic feel, but you’re never left hanging, wanting to know what happens next.
All of these characters reveal themselves to Celestine slowly, in a series of scenes that give the narrative a leisurely, episodic feel.
Kurosawa presents his episodic tale with unmatched visual grace.
The variables coded included the dateline, main subject, story length and whether the story wasepisodic or thematic.
It’s told in a series of episodic bursts that connect at points then disperse, flashing across a literary landscape that includes fairy tales, myths, children’s stories and nineteenth century classics.
It’s a clever device which does much to overcome the slightly episodic nature of the narrative.
Liquid water, derived from these underground reservoirs, may exist again on the Martian surface in the future because of episodic changes in atmospheric thickness.
In addition to permanently acidified lakes, there are also episodic decreases in pH in dilute, but usually non-acid lakes, caused by runoff of acid snow melt in the spring.
In short, they all had episodic cough, wheezing, dyspnea, and normal chest roentgenography results.
It is made up of more than isolated and episodic stories.
The most difficult part of episodic television, I would think, is generating reasonable motivations/keeping track of all these characters.
The main characters are lacklustre, the jokes weak and the episodic story derivative.
First, they are presented as episodic , focusing on single events rather than issues and analysis.
Her country’s epochal events form the colorful backdrop for her breathless and episodic recounting of her own journey of self-transformation.
Students who reported that their last drinking event was a date were strongly protected against the event being a heavy episodic drinking event.
This episodic tale, with no particular beginning or end, transfixes the reader with its trips up and down the rabbit hole of language.
With its somewhat episodic storyline, Nicholas Nickleby certainly poses some difficult challenges for a filmmaker looking to conflate a seven hundred page novel into a clear visual narrative.
Major coal-forming events in the Earth’s history are episodic , but only one such event has widely affected both hemispheres simultaneously.
In their most recent heavy episodic drinking event, students most often drank with friends (either from school or not) and their partner/spouse.
The scattered and episodic nature of today’s threats, however, requires much more precise and constant monitoring.
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