Terjemahan dari pace
speed, pace, velocity, rate, rapidity, quickness
step, move, pace, action, measure, stride
gait, progress, pace
cara berjalan
gait, walk, pace, motion
cara berlari
kalau diizinkan
mengukur dgn langkah
melangkah bolak-balik
pace, pace up and down
Definisi pace
a single step taken when walking or running.
He always did that when we said goodbye: he’d walk a few paces , turn and wave.
sinonim: step, stride
walk at a steady and consistent speed, especially back and forth and as an expression of one’s anxiety or annoyance.
we paced up and down in exasperation
sinonim: walk, stride, tread, march, pound, patrol
with due respect to (someone or their opinion), used to express polite disagreement or contradiction.
narrative history, pace some theorists, is by no means dead
1 definisi lain
  • step, stride
  • gait, stride, walk, march
  • speed, rate, velocity, clip, lick
  • stride, tread
  • yard
  • gait
  • tempo
  • stride, step, footstep
  • rate
  • walk, stride, tread, march, pound, patrol
  • step
Lebih sedikit sinonim
Tanis immediately stepped backward a pace to put distance between him and the bears.
Given Guillen’s history of injuries, the team wants to pace him.
We speeded up our pace , so fast it looked like we were racing each other.
he’s an aggressive player with plenty of pace
I quickened the pace of my horse so that I was level with Jason.
Nyte glanced at the floor and stepped back a pace , hiding behind the young lady.
Will picked a quick pace for the horses, and started to gallop off.
They rode at a steady pace , their horses’ clip-clop sounds in cadence with each other.
She feared at any moment that the animal would quicken its pace and send her flying to the ground, but voiced neither her concerns nor her discomfort.
he will suddenly pace for a few steps, then go back into normal walk
Heiferman began at the pace of a runaway horse, and his frenzy only increased as he continued.
And none of these – pace your earlier comments – have gimps, do they?
The elevator proceeded at a snail’s pace , finally reaching the 40th floor.
A possessor of great pace , power and strength, he also has the necessary wit and guile to progress to the very top of his sport.
The momentum for this initiative has gathered pace following action by a group of French activists including anti-globalisation campaigner Jose Bove.
High-end computers these days consume more and more power, and the power supply industry continues to release new units at a blazing pace .
Legislation development services, pace my learned friend’s submissions, clearly can include some forms of advertising.
The pace quickened to a canter as the trail began to open and they rode into a valley.
Oscar began to pace , walking back and forth before sitting on a small wooden chair that was leaning against the wall.
The whole production, in fact, is even more delightful than I remembered it, everything moving with even greater pace and sparkle.
As the ship neared the island, the captain grew restless and so retreated to the main deck where he could pace out his anxiety.
This section of town was busier than the previous sections, with people walking every which way at an extremely fast pace .
The adjustment will take time and effort but MacDougall believes his improvement has gathered pacein the past fortnight, since he made his first start.
You can also go out and pace the course if you want to – that’s what caddies do – and many clubs provide the same information in printed guides.
The castle was no more than a good two hour’s walk now, if he kept fast pace and didn’t stop.
narrative history, pace some theorists, is by no means dead
Aroura didn’t like the look of them and sped up her pace with larger, faster steps.
the ring road allows traffic to flow at a remarkably fast pace
Last year Michael Skinner helped pace a World record in the two-mile race.
The universe then settled into a more leisurely pace of expansion over the past 13.7 billion years or so.
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