Terjemahan dari habitation
tempat tinggal
residence, place, dwelling, habitation, quarters, dwelling place
residence, dwelling, house, habitation, residency, rooms
tempat kediaman
residence, house, habitation, residency, dwelling, houseroom
settlement, habitation
settlement, habitation
tempat kedudukan
seat, site, habitation
tempat untuk didiami
village, town, hutment, habitation
Definisi habitation
the state or process of living in a particular place.
signs of human habitation
sinonim: occupancy, occupation, residence, residency, living in, tenancy
  • occupancy, occupation, residence, residency, living in, tenancy
  • residence, place of residence, house, home, seat, lodging place, billet, quarters, living quarters, rooms, accommodations, pad, digs, dwelling, dwelling place, abode, domicile
  • inhabitation, inhabitancy
  • abode, domicile, home, dwelling, dwelling house
Lebih sedikit sinonim
Even the background, in which it is situated, with hills covered with pine trees and the hustle bustle of human habitation , makes viewing this paddy field soothing to one’s eyes.
Before the Agricultural Revolution, people’s effect on the land was minimal – they lived from the land but it was not substantially changed through human habitation .
signs of human habitation
I used to live opposite a pristine tract of natural vegetation that turned into a housing development with the accompanying sounds of human habitation .
Other than this one image, the book contains no sign of human habitation , presenting the natural world as a space of leisure, not of labor.
The first signs of human habitation date back 11,000 years, and granite wheelclamps have been found from the Mesolithic era.
We had been walking for perhaps ten hours already, and there had been no sign of any humanhabitation .
For as far as the eye could see, there was no sign of human habitation .
For mile after mile, there was nothing but wide-open spaces, with almost no signs of human habitation.
The only signs of human habitation are the couple of luxury hotels nestled discreetly between groups of trees.
From the air it looks a wild island, with hardly a sign of human habitation .
But due to fragmentation and increased human habitation , the big cat’s habitat has shrunk further.
he built his habitation close to the river
No road was to be seen leading to the right or to the left, no sign of human habitation in the vicinity.
Some are hostile to human habitation ; others make for good living.
We could only wonder, for there is a lot of landscape out there and not too many signs of humanhabitation .
Many live either in accommodation not fit for human habitation or are without housing entirely and have to make do living on the streets.
The cars and houses, while occasionally showing signs of human habitation , look unreal, like toy models set against a colored background.
Those who live with the traditional leaders or those who have travelled to rural areas will agree that some of the dwellings cannot pass for human habitation .
Only about 100 of the islands are inhabited or capable of human habitation .
signs of human habitation
Four hours had passed, and barren mountain after barren mountain still lay ahead, the only sign of human habitation being a couple of tiny isolated dwellings.
Lakes are important to human habitation as they address certain hydrological factors, provide a biotic environment, and are useful temperature comforts.
It is possible but not demonstrable that the Scandinavians also coined primary habitative names whose referents were settlements established in valleys.
Similarly, the river is facing relentless encroachment and severe pollution due to inflow of huge amounts of sewage from the habitations .
Physical achievements in terms of man-days of employment generated, dwelling units established and habitations covered were not significantly different from earlier years.
A central exploration of these situations has been the creation of nomadic habitations , which are designed to be worn, slept, stored and sheltered in.
Its members have been visiting residential areas, especially the middle class habitations , to know the reasons from the people for not voting.
Each of these habitations is equipped with a kitchen extension, situated in the corner between the innermost end of its corridor and its central room.
Thousands of activists are working to stop mindless conversion of these unique ecosystems into crowded habitations .



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