Terjemahan dari vial
botol kecil
vial, phial
Definisi vial
a small container, typically cylindrical and made of glass, used especially for holding liquid medicines.
Ritter picked up a box off the counter containing three small vials of different colored liquids.
ampule, ampoule, ampul, phial
She reached down and poured the remaining water in her pot into a glass vial .
One of the envelopes contained hair and a vial filled with a red substance that may have been blood.
She states that a needle filter should be used when drawing up medications from a grass vial .
The cells from the spatula or brush are put onto a glass slide, or into a vial , and sent to a laboratory.
Scully walks up to the table and places upon it a glass vial containing a honeybee that almost cost the agent her life.
He had filled a flat box with sample vials containing a weighed amount of fine filings for analysis.
Both were kept in clear glass vials , which were identical in size and shape.
The walnut box has a window through which we see three glass vials on a shelf lit from behind.
He also knew that the vials of both medications were exactly the same except for the name printed on the label.
Vials were examined daily for the presence of eggs and those vials containing eggs were separated.
Leaf tissue was placed in vials containing silica gel and stored at room temperature.
It is important to use good aseptic technique when accessing multiple-dose vials .
The number of vials used effectively in anesthesia was estimated based on a market survey.
The evidence was a small bucket, containing used vials , syringes and needles.
Mortality in vials containing sucrose solution without ethanol was negligible.
For dry storage, spores were placed in hermetic glass vials .
Ritter picked up a box off the counter containing three small vials of different colored liquids.
He spent a few years in England in industry making, of all things, vials for medicines.
Dried pollen and spores were then stored in glass vials at room temperature until required.
Two-day-old larvae were placed into vials containing medium rehydrated with the adaptive dose of the compounds to be tested.



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