Terjemahan dari contentious
yg suka bertengkar
quarrelsome, contentious, cantankerous
yg suka berdebat
contentious, argumentative, contradictory, contradictious
yg suka berselisih
contentious, quarrelsome
yg suka berbantah
Definisi contentious
causing or likely to cause an argument; controversial.
a contentious issue
sinonim: controversial, disputable, debatable, disputed, open to debate, vexed
  • controversial, disputable, debatable, disputed, open to debate, vexed
  • heated, vehement, fierce, violent, intense, impassioned
  • disputatious, litigious, combative
Lebih sedikit sinonim
Thus the issue remains contentious and unresolved at this time.
Cadorna would become one of the most contentious figures in the history of the war.
These were complex, troubled, frequently contentious people.
Although Tanzania is one of the least densely populated countries in eastern Africa, control and access to productive lands has become an increasingly contentious issue.
Strange was it to see two so vastly different men as these: Lin was a simple, small town boy, while Jamie was a brilliant, yet from time to time arrogant and contentious man with a youthful side to him.
E-mail is a notoriously bad way to resolve serious disputes over contentious issues, since it easily leads to harsh tones and misunderstandings.
Although many agreed that this system was not compatible with separation, the introduction of a new system was highly contentious and hotly debated.
Other questions of organizational control are also contentious .
Thus, the structural trigger for detailed public debate on contentious matters would be gone.
A still more contentious area surrounds the question whether the defendants, or either of them, should be permitted to make purchases.
The transgene contamination is certain to fuel the contentious debate over the use of genetically modified crops.
The century-old organization used to be at the mercy of the often contentious parties in Italy’s coalition governments.
It will spark months of contentious debate in Congress, where lawmakers will fight to protect their favored programs.
And what inspiration will a new CEO bring to that very contentious party?
Lin suggested that the legislature could initially review only funds to control the epidemic and leave more contentious issues for further discussion.
Now the tables are turned on the university’s contentious president.
Are there other examples of the Supreme Court resolving contentious moral questions based on ambiguous constitutional text?
A contentious or belligerent personality toward others is indicative of hyper-sensitivity and a feeling of never being fully understood.
We must find an accord, even if it involves the imposition of peace keeping force between thecontentious parties.
There was no winner in Thursday night’s debate, which was the most contentious of the four debates held so far.
A small, dark, contentious people known as the Picts held sway over the islands until the eighth and ninth centuries, when Viking invaders arrived.
She’d been expecting a sweet, unfortunate boy that she might perhaps feel some compassion for, but at the moment all she should feel for this contentious lad was anger.
But the moves for exemption are likely to prove highly contentious , coming as they do in the run-up to elections to the Scottish parliament.
Her request was made during a contentious debate about raising admissions standards at Nevada’s public institutions, which she opposes.
He refrained from reaching any firm conclusion, but said that it was plain that the entirety of the claimants’ cases was contentious to a degree.
It would impose an impossible burden on a jobbing printer to have to employ an in-house lawyer to vetcontentious or controversial material.
The film refuses to judge – both sides of this contentious debate are vividly and powerfully drawn.
The development of regulations and guidelines for the emerging technologies has led to a contentiouspublic debate about genetic engineering.
What these beneficiaries of social mobility urged on contentious workers was pious resignation, and in no city did they sermonize more harshly than in Rouen.
By all accounts, her husband was contentious and physically abusive.



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