Terjemahan dari reproach
denounce, reproach, criticize, blame, deprecate, decry
rebuke, reprimand, admonish, reprove, scold, reproach
blame, fault, condemn, accuse, reproach, impute
regret, deplore, chagrin, reproach, begrudge, rue
regret, repent, rue, lament, deplore, reproach
cavil, keelhaul, stigmatize, excoriate, criticize, reproach
Definisi reproach
the expression of disapproval or disappointment.
he gave her a look of reproach
address (someone) in such a way as to express disapproval or disappointment.
critics of the administration reproached the president for his failure to tackle the deficiency
disgrace, discredit, source of shame, blemish, stain, blot, smirch
Aunt Alice frowned slightly at this reproach against her motherly duties, but the sorrow in her beautiful eyes could not be from this reproach alone, it was too deep.
The poem’s thought about the aetiology of war, its main theme, is based on Christ’s reproach of the Pharisees, who had upbraided the disciples for not washing their hands before eating.
Your comments bring to mind John Milton’s words: ‘They who have put out the people’s eyes, reproachthem of their blindness.’
he gave her a look of reproach
For Billy the boy is a nagging reminder of his own delinquent youth: for Shirley-Diane he is a strange mix of sex object and living reproach .
The characters often look up to the gods for guidance, speak of them and reproach them for putting such a predicament onto mortals of flesh and blood.
She agrees, goes to his home, and realizes that he will not question or reproach her.
He tells him that he is not there to reproach him, and John denies having done anything wrong.
I could scarcely reproach you for having undergone it without success, for those who emerge from it triumphant are very few.
Although rock had become mainstream by the early 1970s, it continued to arouse resistance and to elicit reproach – and continues, indeed, to this day.
No less absurd is the second reproach thrown upon capitalism – namely, that technological and therapeutical innovations do not benefit all people.
his elegance is a living reproach to our slovenly habits
Some of his published works have met with strong criticism and reproach .
The reproach was lightly mocking and they both laughed.
The hint of reproach in ‘omission’ may not be quite fair to either of us.
his elegance is a living reproach to our slovenly habits
Stung by his reproach , she counters by reminding him that her lack of ardor is understandable given their night of lovemaking.
he gave her a look of reproach
Perhaps the most horrible aspect of Frank’s world is not the existence of cruelty, but rather the possibility that life might be shaped by nothing more than the whims of others beyond control orreproach .
All those reproaches aimed at us should have been directed against them, because their cinema was completely unreal.
They cite the demands, reproaches and scaremongering of an obsessed media.
When Holly reproaches Harry with the damage he has caused to his ‘victims,’ Harry makes the first of his famous speeches.
He is imprisoned for a year for having acted as Castlewood’s second in the duel, for which Lady Castlewood bitterly reproaches him, and on his release joins the army and fights in the war of the Spanish Succession.
Idomeneus turns his sword against himself, without heeding the advice of a priest who reproaches him for his cruelty and invites him to make a substitute sacrifice of ‘a hundred bulls whiter than snow.’
One of the main reproaches was the Australians’ failure to hold the so-called Gap in the Owen Stanleys.
However, this same reproachable conduct seems to be tolerable if the abuser is an already established member of the group.
She is summoned by her father, who reproaches her and tells her that Roland will die and she will lose her throne and her magic unless she renounces him.
He reproaches the narrator, Miles Coverdale, for grumbling about the weather.
We cannot believe the government is moving to legalize the dog-eating practice of some Koreans, which is not only harmful to national interests but also disgraceful and reproachable .
Painfully, torturedly, he bit his lip to keep the stream of reproaches and denials from bursting through the dam of his control.
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