Terjemahan dari rummage
search, rummage, ransack, frisk, comb, comb out
destroy, upset, rummage, root about
leaf through, rummage
search, shakedown, searching, rummage, frisk, comb-out
barang rombengan
rummage, junk, trash, odds and ends, odd-come-shorts
barang loakan
junk, trash, odds and ends, rummage, odd-come-shorts
barang rongsokan
junk, trash, odds and ends, rummage, tripe, odd-come-shorts
barang sisa
junk, odds and ends, rummage, odd-come-shorts
Definisi rummage
an unsystematic and untidy search through a mass or receptacle.
Set in a depressing flat on a south London estate, teenager Luke rummages down the back of a grubby sofa in a fruitless search for something.
search unsystematically and untidily through a mass or receptacle.
he rummaged in his pocket for a handkerchief
sinonim: search (through), hunt through, root about/around (in), ferret about/around (in), fish about/around (in), poke around (in), dig through, delve through, go through, explore, sift through, rifle (through)
search (through), hunt through, root about/around (in), ferret about/around (in), fish about/around (in), poke around (in), dig through, delve through, go through, explore, sift through, rifle (through)
open up the box and have a rummage around
He had a rummage around and saw something familiar.
Now and again he has a good rummage though his bookshelf to see what he can find, and at the moment he’s reading a book of Robert Browning’s poetry.
I can move stuff from place to place sort of like a modern archaeologist using machinery doing hisrummage through history.
our brief was to rummage as many of the vessels as possible
But after a quick rummage through the brown leather bag, he snaps it shut and gestures to the door.
The scramble to the hospital allowed time only for a rummage in the glove compartment of our car, which provided a battered copy of Twenty Golden Country Greats as the sole musical accompaniment to the birth.
It was only when the former home help saw an appeal for the winner of the three-week-old jackpot to come forward that a cupboard rummage produced the winning numbers.
a rummage of the vessel revealed eighty cases of cigars
This well attended enjoyable fair is well worth a rummage and browse through the different stalls.
A quick rummage through the pockets confirms that everything is just where you left it last October.
A rummage through the BBC archives shows a country suffering a great deal of angst.
For any environmental journalist, myself included, a rummage through 30 years of the magazine is a salutary experience.
I think we could all benefit from a fresh rummage in our drawers to give our wardrobes and our figures the uplift we deserve.
Nephew Jack’s third letter again had me delving deep into my drawer full of old newspaper cuttings, and after a quick rummage around I found just what I was looking for.
He went for a walk on the roof, for a rummage in a bin then went back on to the roof.
our brief was to rummage as many of the vessels as possible
After rummaging through the drawer Jimmy pulled out a small, shiny object.
She rummaged around the cutlery drawer and came up with a ladle.
She rummaged through her drawer and found the directions to Megan’s house.
I was rummaging through my pocket in search of airsickness pills and looking down at the barren brownish plain, only occasionally dissected with dirt tracks.
I’m at the computer for six or seven hours a day, but this also includes a lot of messing about, likerummaging in drawers or leaving my office to go to the fridge.
He chuckles to himself, rummages through his coat’s pockets for his pipe.
Alex rolled her eyes, went into her room and began rummaging through her drawers.
She handed over her mobile and I rummaged the few digits from my memory.
Quickly, I jump out of bed, rummaging through my drawers for something to wear.
Over the next half-hour, Chowdhury was searched and his bags rummaged .
Arnold, my son, was inside, kneeling in front of my open desk drawers, rummaging through the various documents within.
He stared at the door for a moment before letting out a sigh, rummaging his keys out from his pocket, and unlocking his own.
I started rummaging through my middle drawer, trying to find a shirt.
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