Terjemahan dari spew
spew, regurgitate, vomit, spue, throw up, disgorge
issue, spend, release, pull out, put out, spew
throw up, gag, puke, retch, spit up, spew
hal muntah
puke, spew, spue, retch
spew, spue
Definisi spew
expel large quantities of (something) rapidly and forcibly.
buses were spewing out black clouds of exhaust
sinonim: emit, discharge, eject, expel, belch out, pour out, spout, gush, spurt, disgorge
  • emit, discharge, eject, expel, belch out, pour out, spout, gush, spurt, disgorge
  • be sick, disgorge, spue, purge, cast, barf, chuck, vomit, throw up, upchuck, cat, sick, puke,regorge, honk, regurgitate, retch
  • eruct, spew out
  • spue, spit, ptyalize
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I am convinced of my son’s comic timing as he always manages to hit me with this surprise spew only after I’ve changed or washed.
The spew in my hair, my top missing, this alien bathroom with its funny shower tiles, a kind of washed out blue with sea plants and animals inserted what seemed like randomly in between.
Jessica stopped after only about fifty yards when the engine began to spew dark smoke.
Greed is one of the primary factors that induces corporations to, say, spew chemicals into our air and water.
By now, the helicopter had begun to spew smoke, not able to withstand as a shield for much longer.
Visa officials should have the immediate power to deny entry to all those who spew hatred of America or who belong to organizations that express enmity to the United States.
Two pulp mills spew chemicals into the river that is the only source of the city’s water.
The source of the trouble lies to the north, where it spews its venom throughout the Great Kingdom, breeding dissension as rotten meat breeds maggots.
Immediately, a rush of power spewed forth from within, sending a reverberating shock wave through the district.
A lava spout spewed from the relics and threw the androids back.
In this review, he leaves the community of civil, respectful discourse and becomes a mere mouthpiece of the ideological left, a careless spewer of hateful rhetoric.
No gushers, no oil spewing down like black rain from creaky wooden derricks.
This article spews forth opinions as if they are facts and figures.
She chomped on the cigar, and seething, she inhaled sharply and spewed a jet-stream of carcinogenic smoke into the acrid atmosphere between them.
It constantly spews toxic chemicals into the air here, and the residents I work with suffer from headaches, nosebleeds and respiratory problems.
It was so thick that you could stick a pin needle into the ground and oil would come spewing out of the ground.
Cities had held towers rising to the heavens, but now dark chimneys, tall as trees, spewed their smoke over the sky.
Who has time to read, never mind cope with, the mountain of red tape that spews out of Brussels: employment legislation, working time directives, discrimination laws, VAT rules, etc?
Instead of being portrayed as the unrepentant spewer of greenhouse gases that the publicly-traded company once was, they turn out to be The Corporation’s heroes.
Last spring I struggled to find ways to combat the negativity that was spewing forth from certain politicians via mainstream media.
A North Vancouver company that manufactures state-of-the-art oil spill cleanup equipment is sending two containers to Iraq to help mop up oil spewing from burning oil wells.
After landing, I looked in the burner can and found oil spewed all over the inside.
Joey stared at it absently, taking an exaggerated interest in the papers spewing out.
Ashley and Rick watch on as the foam spews forth from the measuring cylinder as a result of the chemical reaction.
The samurai choked as a spurt of blood spewed out, splashing Ayumi in the face.
Some filmed the water cannon spewing water and thick black smoke into the detainees’ cage.
The rapid formation of bubbles is also why a carbonated beverage spews when opened after having been shaken.
Near the bigger cities, concrete tower blocks were common and huge chimneys spewed clouds of smoke.
Blood, flat like a sheet of paper, spewed from the split shoulder and the famous swordsman fell to the ground, his broken sword as dead as he.
Heading straight into the sun the bow of the ship raises its fist for another attack on a relentless swell and angry salt spray spews into the air only to fall back into the collective pit of unchallenged hyaline.
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