Terjemahan dari mellifluous
tunable, melodious, melodic, sweet, tuneful, mellifluous
Definisi mellifluous
(of a voice or words) sweet or musical; pleasant to hear.
the voice was mellifluous and smooth
sinonim: sweet-sounding, dulcet, honeyed, mellow, soft, liquid, silvery, soothing, rich, smooth, euphonious, harmonious, tuneful, musical
  • sweet-sounding, dulcet, honeyed, mellow, soft, liquid, silvery, soothing, rich, smooth,euphonious, harmonious, tuneful, musical
  • honeyed, dulcet, mellisonant, sweet
Contoh melliflous
Finally, however, her mellifluous voice with its distinctive accent and timbre began captivating the hearts of audiences elsewhere, and she shot to fame.
Just as there is more to the songs’ lyrics than that, so there is more to their sound than mellifluousstrumming.
I was particularly taken with the mellifluous sounds of the ‘authentic’ clarinets.
Rose wondered, listening to Yashi’s soft, mellifluous voice soothing Jess, and feeling a pang of annoyance that she’d gone straight for him.
It must be the most musical and mellifluous language in the world.
Once I heard her mellifluous voice softly humming to the radio, I sighed a breath of relief.
Her physical energy and humour are palpable, her voice a mellifluous tool with which she weaves tale upon tale, until one loses track of time in the hands of a master storyteller.
The mellifluous voice of the tenor did indeed ‘comfort’ us in his first aria.
Prince Vaji closed his eyes and allowed his immortal senses hear the mellifluous music, designed to ensnare the mind of its listener.
In Italian what name could sound more mellifluous than Felice?
The words to the song started, and I could hear Christina’s mellifluous voice singing softly along with it.
We dozed off to the mellifluous sounds of nature.
While engine noise never gets out of hand and indeed sounds quite mellifluous , you do hear a surprising amount of noise from passing traffic.
The voice was rich, mellifluous and like an angel sent from heavens above.
I think his voice is noble, mellifluous , rich and with a good range of colours.
The waves crashed over and over, the sound mellifluous and almost lulling to my ear.
‘We will have refreshments and you shall tell me of your misadventure,’ Arvid said in a rich,mellifluous voice.
Despite age, the singer has a mellifluous voice.
From Ontario, Kiran Ahluwalia brings her Punjabi folk songs, and a mellifluous voice that will wrap her audience in its exotic charms.
Staring into space, each concentrated on the soft sounds of Mari’s mellifluous voice.
True, it rolls mellifluously off the tongue and hangs in the air like an echo from a bell or the sonorous tones of a self-righteous preacher.
Before he started, the local priest was at pains to give details of the location of the wake and, for the legion of Minardi and Ferrari mechanics who came over from Italy to Oxford, mellifluously repeated the instructions in fluent Italian.
Alessandrini and Concerto Italiano always play mellifluously and with great expression.
‘Good afternoon, Mr. Phelps,’ the tape greeted him mellifluously .
A true Italian, Scarlatti apparently was incapable of writing anything lacking in grace ormellifluousness , and his vocal music – including dozens and dozens of operas – is considered to be particularly attractive.
But the play really belongs to Marian Seldes, who floats, hovers, slithers, twists into salamandrine shapes, while enunciating with magnificent mellifluousness and perfect, usually hilarious timing.
The music’s challenge is a delayed one however: first impressions suggest a generalisedmellifluousness .
Experimentation in traditional forms such as sonnets or terza rima hasn’t really taken hold here, in part, perhaps, because there is more danger in Italian than there is in English of falling into dullmellifluousness .
Looking back at my notes I observed that ‘Tanyel is a delightful interpreter of these big boned concertos’ and that she brought ‘a clear mellifluousness to proceedings’.
‘I am so delighted to meet you, young lady,’ he intoned mellifluously .
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