Definisi octogenarian
a person who is from 80 to 89 years old.
his octogenarian mother-in-law
his octogenarian mother-in-law
And when I read of the activities of many octogenarians , I think that relative to them I am still ‘middle-aged’.
Mostly in their fifties, the banañeros suffer from kidney failure, diminishing eyesight and bones that are weakening at the rate of octogenarians .
Surely, the Internet publications would generate no revenue for the author, but few octogenarians still are searching for additional income.
The usual result of an amateur stunt sequence is underdeveloped, static motion that looks like obeseoctogenarians swing dancing.
We meet so many kinds of people under one roof, from students to enterprising octogenarians , plumbers to novelists.
Should we imagine a lot of annoyed octogenarians tottering around?
His successor will, I’m sure, still be remembered with affection by many octogenarians .
Charles is anxious for details of this little-known show but it seems likely that only octogenarianswould now recall it.
The age span of last year’s winners ranged from teenagers to octogenarians .
Is anyone seriously suggesting that, say, octogenarians should qualify for stacking shelves at Dunnes Stores?
The past decade in the United States has been one in which the entire population, from teens tooctogenarians , has gotten fatter.
‘We are good at pretending to be modest,’ he says of his fellow octogenarians .
There are 70 of them – several octogenarians – sitting in the road to block the main entrance.
The octogenarians , whose big day is today, are hosting a party for 70 people at the Woodlands Club in Calne tomorrow evening.
Set in a seniors’ home, it explores a romance between a couple of octogenarians and the discomfort it causes their offspring.
It has a hundred members that include octogenarians , young social workers, mums and a few professional people.
Children of all ages from toddlers to octogenarians came to pay tribute to one of the true heroes of Irish sport.
In Shanghai, news about ailing octogenarians abandoned by their children is disheartening, gnawing at the consciences of upright people.
I see teenagers and octogenarians sharing jokes.
So I think the fact that two octogenarians want to get married is something to celebrate, something good.



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