Skid Row

Skid Row ternyata bukan sekedar nama dari group band yang nyanyiin lagu “Remember Yesterday”
Definisi skid row
a run-down part of a town frequented by vagrants, alcoholics, and drug addicts.
Here the Boulevard was a skid row of motels, shabby apartments, sad souvenir stands, pornography stores, and pawn shops.
That’s because we no longer see advertising as the skid row of pop culture, the place where celebrities who can’t do anything else end up.
His magic/hypnosis/disgruntled loser act is wearing thin on local independent television stations aroundskid row .
Sure, the low budget set designs betray the skid row mindset inherent in the film’s creation.
Alcohol, libation to the deity and old social lubricant, also greases the slide to skid row .
He’s also on call at the City Hospital in the event that the police drag in any skid row denizens on their last wobbly legs.
On a Washington skid row , eyeless bums peddle the newest nose candy.
Their skid row operates 24 hours; its cycles are tied to county checks and busy shelter kitchens.
But eventually the affect of the integration will greatly raise the property values along the skid row , and lead to huge change in the area.
Here the Boulevard was a skid row of motels, shabby apartments, sad souvenir stands, pornography stores, and pawn shops.
After his business had failed and he had served time in prison for embezzlement, he died in a skid rowhotel.
Set in a skid row hotel, Vacancy focuses on the chance meeting of a suicidal young punk and a garrulous tavern lifer.
Anyway, a few sex shops are left on skid row and one of them, The Exclusive Shop, has a video theatre upstairs.
If pornography is downtown on skid row , respectable people can pretend that they don’t even know it’s there.
From an educated viewpoint, he told me all about the horrors of skid row .
We’re introduced to Loretta in Rescue Me, a film about the estimated 10,000 homeless people living on Los Angeles’ skid row .
I’m not going to be one of those guys who is on skid row at 40.
I don’t want to end up on skid row
Some crushed aluminum cans for proper accessorizing and we’d have the complete skid rowensemble.
Who wants to hit rock bottom, derelict, skid row , with no friend or family or home?
with no money to spend, the club are on skid row
Grimy back alley flophouses, squalid arcades lined with girlie nickelodeons and a neon-lined skid rowlend the picture an air of authenticity.
Back when Borello first moved to Alberta Street, it was a skid row lined with boarded-up storefronts and seedy bars.
Indeed, if it weren’t for George Pal’s dancing dysentery factory, this movie would be one long seminar on skid row economics.
This is not the only place on skid row where business thrives in Porta-Potties.
Elliot, meanwhile, had almost been on skid row with alcoholism.
Fantastic news but obviously buries the fact that her solo career had completely died and she was now on skid row as far as her career was concerned.
Los Angeles has the largest skid row in the nation, stretching across 50 square blocks.
Sights like this are common on L.A.’s skid row , a rock-bottom depository and national embarrassment.
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