Terjemahan dari lad
lackey, lad, lacquey, laddie, valet
anak laki-laki
son, boy, man-child, laddie, lad, chappie
Definisi lad
a boy or young man (often as a form of address).
I read that book when I was a lad
sinonim: boy, schoolboy, youth, youngster, juvenile, stripling, kid, whippersnapper, brat
a stable worker (regardless of age or sex).
But I think I would want to come home to the yard, lads and horses – I just hope that dilemma may one day be reality!
  • boy, schoolboy, youth, youngster, juvenile, stripling, kid, whippersnapper, brat
  • gent, feller, cuss, fellow, chap, blighter, fella, bloke
  • laddie, sonny, cub
Lebih sedikit sinonim
Tony was a bit of a lad —always had an eye for the women
Kandidate’s effort was all the more meritorious for the fact that he dropped his lad and ran loose for a mile on the gallops yesterday morning.
come in, lad, and shut the door
Reggie (real name, Rajendra, but it got Americanised when he lived in the USA) is a bit of a lad .
Tony was a bit of a lad —always had an eye for the women
Years ago, before the house was a hotel, it was owned by the parents of Mickey Walsh, a lad Christy was at school with.
I have to say that Nathan isn’t generally regarded as a bad lad .
I suppose the current consensus is AP McCoy, and he’s a terrific lad , but he hasn’t won the National.
On hanging up his silks he became head lad to Mick Burke before serving his apprenticeship with Charlie Weld.
A lively looking lad with auburn hair and tan skin grinned and Charity spotted a gold tooth.
My first memory was when I was 15 and went down with Bobby Oxley, the main travelling lad for Arthur Stephenson.
Stub that fact out and extinguish that opinion immediately, my lad !
Will this be the season the local lad comes good?
Thomas plays Baz Wainwright, a troubled lad who has serious problems at home that spill over into school.
I think the lad has got genuine potential.
They know he is a bit of a lad , but they like a president who gets things done.
Tonight was the parent’s meeting at the junior school which my lad will be attending for the first time in September.
Sutton’s reputation as a bit of a lad who likes the rough and tumble ignores a few home truths.
One lad to three horses was the norm when I started back in the 60s, and it has cost us to carry so many bodies, but it is the way I want to work.
What does the poor lad have to talk about?
He was a nice friendly lad and a good worker and had many friends about town.
Bob McGonagle, the lad , appeared to be fighting him as soon as he left the saddling area for the parade ring.
come in, lad, and shut the door
But teachers warned it was too early to say that ” lad culture ” was dead just yet.
Whilst the lad may be a decent rider, he is a very poor jockey.
As travelling head lad to the late Gordon Richards, he had just watched Hallo Dandy win the 1984 Grand National.
It isn’t paramilitaries but guys acting the lad till someone hits them a smack in the gob and that’s all it is.
I read that book when I was a lad
The lad then gave me directions to go and visit Rummy at his own stables whenever I wanted and happily I did so on two more occasions before his death.
A worried looking lad with a red face appears at the door dressed only with a towel around his waist.



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