Terjemahan dari woozy
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woozy, dopey
Definisi woozy
unsteady, dizzy, or dazed.
I still felt woozy from all the pills
giddy, vertiginous, dizzy
He felt lightheaded and woozy , and his stomach hurt.
So that when your husband comes home, looks into your woozy eyes, and asks you what you’ve had to eat today, you can in all honesty tell him, ‘Some toast, I think,’ before you pass out.
Still a bit woozy , Brian rose unsteadily into a crouch.
As he was talking I started feeling woozy and my eyelids got heavy.
A sense of vertigo washed over her, leaving a woozy feeling behind.
He felt woozy and dizzy as usual in the morning, and he slowly rocked himself forward, and forced himself up.
My date, woozy from his first encounter with any sort of alcohol, wandered off about halfway through the first movie.
All I had to do now was sleep for a while… and get rid of this dopey, woozy feeling so I could run.
Peter, meanwhile, is battling a 24-hour virus that makes him woozy even as he swings off to rescue Betty at the seasonally closed Coney Island.
I still feel woozy , but this is the first morning since Friday that my first instinct upon getting up wasn’t to go lie back down.
After my third beer, I started feeling curiously light-headed and woozy .
I stumbled around with tissues on my nose and feeling woozy .
He felt woozy and light headed now and was afraid it would show.
For one rather panicky hour before dinner I thought I’d lost it altogether, feeling woozy and slightly dizzy.
She had put herself on a strict diet to fit into a new bathing suit, hadn’t eaten all day, had a few drinks at a friends party, felt woozy and went to lie down.
Regressing into a trance-like state as I threw myself back into the mindless world of typing numbers, I began to feel a little woozy at the monotony of it all.
The surge of adrenaline made her woozy and weak.
I’m a bit of a turkey when it comes to needles, and I’m lying there all locked into place with the coils and headphones, feeling woozy and faint.
The hospital released her with the tests proving inconclusive, and warned her to be careful if she was feeling slightly woozy or dizzy.
He began to feel very woozy and weak and eventually went limp.
‘I’m fine’ I muttered, as I grabbed a plate and put my sister’s sandwich on it, ignoring the suddenwooziness I felt.
Amber’s wooziness had luckily worn off before they reached her house.
I’d stumbled out of bed on a cold November morning and was woozily concentrating on inhaling as much tea and cereal as I could before my philosophy class, at eight.
Afterward, they gather around the fireplace to drink beer, tell stories, and woozily stroll back to their cabins to sink into cozy loft beds.
If I went to a friend’s house only to spend one night there, I would have trouble breathing, clammy palms, and wooziness but never to this degree.
The film version has a softer, woozily sentimental view of the bridal couple; it shows them running through a meadow in ecstatic slow motion – really.
I pushed away my wooziness and asked two questions at once – ‘how are you, and how long was I out?’
Doctors and nurses ducked out of sight while Klein woozily plopped himself on the edge of a chair in the middle of the room.
‘So that’s how you beat Claire’s dad,’ Kate said woozily .
Patients with disequilibrium report feelings of light-headedness, faintness, or wooziness , sometimes involving blackouts.



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