Terjemahan dari infraction
violation, offense, breach, infringement, foul, infraction
Definisi infraction
a violation or infringement of a law, agreement, or set of rules.
Punishment is meted out to the offender because this is what he deserves in response to his infraction of the criminal law.
sinonim: violation, contravention, breach, transgression, infringement, offense, neglect, dereliction, noncompliance, contumacy
  • violation, contravention, breach, transgression, infringement, offense, neglect, dereliction,noncompliance, contumacy
  • violation, misdemeanor, infringement
She says that the charge from that incident was a misdemeanor, an infraction that would not seem enough to establish her as a threat to aviation.
The House bill would make it a federal misdemeanor crime, rather than merely a civil infraction , to violate immigration laws.
I am of the view that there was no reasonable basis for detention of Mr. Stephen on an allegedinfraction of the seatbelt legislation.
Murder is an infraction of every known ethical paradigm.
In general, it means that whenever a public body exceeds or abuses the powers vested in it the courts may intervene to correct the infraction .
Punishment is meted out to the offender because this is what he deserves in response to hisinfraction of the criminal law.
Discipline occurred most often for verbal infractions and social transgressions.
Other than confiscating gear and catch there is little a group can do to punish infractors .
The enforcement procedure had not been sufficiently defined with respect to infractions .
Many of the cases they cited included the harassment of black workers and youth like Thomas, or their arrest for petty infractions .
Here are some members of Congress willing to listen to the public and to take seriously the infractionsof public trust.
The students committed misdemeanor infractions ; their teacher gets hit with multiple felonies.
The accused are then charged with relatively minor infractions after public opinion has already been rallied against them.
Sanctioners are chosen because they are structurally close to the infractors , but often also because they are relatively more powerful.
I don’t think the legislation is aimed at saving the streets from minor criminal infractions .
It was easy to create infractions within the large corporate infrastructure.
This all seems very reasonable if the types of crimes are minor infractions , like trespassing.
His history with law infractions leads to the conclusion that he understands how the criminal justice system works.
The most common crimes are infractions of the traffic code, infractions of drug laws, and theft.
The offences that colleagues shield are not necessarily major infractions to be protected from external eyes.
A plot of a car’s progress is sent to the insurance company on a daily basis, so speed limit infractionscan be spotted.
The type of infraction was used to classify drivers as infractors or non-infractors.
Researchers then asked the injured parties how strongly they’d actually feel about such infractions



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