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Definisi civic
of or relating to a city or town, especially its administration; municipal.
civic and business leaders
sinonim: municipal, city, town, urban, metropolitan, public, civil, community, local
  • municipal, city, town, urban, metropolitan, public, civil, community, local
  • civil
  • You should see that as your editorial responsibility as well as your civic duty in this time of national tragedy.
  • The situation sparked allegations of unfairness and excessive bureaucracy from the town’s unemployed and civic leaders.
  • Such concerns pushed civic leaders toward municipal control of those networks.
  • Some would contend that a sense of civic duty alone is enough to compel people to vote.
  • The biggest proposal however is for a completely new civic centre to be located somewhere in the estate.
  • A market town’s civic leaders have decided it is time one of its hidden garden treasures became less of a secret for tourists.
  • The town needed a new building that combined the civic role of a town hall with the cultural dimension of a small theatre.
  • Administration of civic bodies should be handed over to the military for at least two years so that things can be speeded up.
  • Why has a city of 14 million allowed a civic administration of a few thousand to hold it to ransom?
  • Instead, most scholars working on this topic have assumed that civic virtue must be promoted indirectly.
  • We have to reclaim both areas as civic duty in our lives.
  • Political control, mismanagement and corruption have ensured that civic bodies which provide water are bankrupt.
  • Contribute to community building, foster civic engagement, create a sense of community.
  • Perhaps a few people involved in civic administration might feel more important if we became a city but I oppose the idea.
  • What kinds of activities work best as training grounds for civic engagement and why?
  • Now business and civic leaders are wondering when they can expect a decision on the £53m scheme.
  • The least satisfactory aspect concerned the civic virtue of locals.
  • There is no older civic duty than public participation in the law.
  • We also had civic buildings, including a courthouse.
  • The third civic building is the Central Library, west of the City Hall.
  • Representatives from every parish in the diocese, along with civic and business leaders, gathered in tribute.
  • The priority of the new administration was to be civic pride, something we wanted to restore in the borough, making people proud to be here.
  • Colleges provided the opportunity and social support to develop the habit of civic engagement.
  • Fears that young members of the community are being forced to move away from the town have prompted civic leaders to investigate the issue.
  • There was a time when we had a national, personal and civic pride.
  • Great civic leaders of less evangelical eras than ours did not speak of visions.
  • But, again, this just seems another public relations exercise when civic attitudes have not really changed.
  • The aim of the competition is to recognise improvements made by local communities to create civicpride in their area.
  • The relationship between military and civic virtue is also revealed as deeply ambiguous in these translations.
  • Materialistic values were far stronger among young people than civic virtues.
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