Terjemahan dari prodigal
extravagant, profligate, lavish, spendthrift, prodigal, profuse
generous, extravagant, lavish, prodigal, unsparing, wasteful
affluent, abundant, overflow, prodigal
spender, waster, spendthrift, wastrel, prodigal, profligate
Definisi prodigal
spending money or resources freely and recklessly; wastefully extravagant.
prodigal habits die hard
sinonim: wasteful, extravagant, spendthrift, profligate, improvident, imprudent
having or giving something on a lavish scale.
the dessert was crunchy with brown sugar and prodigal with whipped cream
sinonim: generous, lavish, liberal, unstinting, unsparing, bounteous
a person who spends money in a recklessly extravagant way.
When it comes to love, God is the great prodigal – extravagant, a spendthrift, and oblivious to cost.
  • wasteful, extravagant, spendthrift, profligate, improvident, imprudent
  • generous, lavish, liberal, unstinting, unsparing, bounteous
  • abounding in, abundant in, rich in, covered in, awash with, slathered with
  • spendthrift, profligate, extravagant
  • profligate, squanderer
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On the other hand, Justin’s father, the prodigal father, was singing and grooving in $2,000 suits that you know Justin is going to be paying for a week from now.
My mother was back – eight months with me and another five back home, and she had returned like theprodigal , no longer self-indulgent in her grief.
When it comes to love, God is the great prodigal – extravagant, a spendthrift, and oblivious to cost.
As Mauss perceptively noted, the gift economy enhances the authority of the most prodigal giver, not of the most aggressive hoarder.
But the 21-year old heroin-addicted punk rocker from southern England wasn’t the only prodigal .
The prodigal ex-hippie who returns to an Essex village after blagging his way through eight years on the scrounge is still as charming and feckless as ever.
His reluctance to utter the word ‘sorry’ in this case might seem odd because Blair used to be notorious for his prodigal use of the apology.
It is short-sighted and a prodigal use of limited resources.
Nature is prodigal in its approach to fertility (witness the huge number of sperm in any ejaculation), but we no longer need that prodigality.
Caesar, or Christ, that is the question: the vast, attractive, skeptical world, with its pleasures and ambitions and its prodigal promise, or the meek, majestic, and winning figure of Him of Nazareth?
This look says that the wearers, whatever they do or say, must be treated like prodigal children rather than responsible adults, and exempts them from all the usual pressures of conformity.
Above all, the Executive must curb its own prodigal spending.
The film revolves around a prodigal father figure, Royal Tenenbaum, played by Gene Hackman auditioning for the Oscars.
How this will play out, especially given the frequency with which Americans and other prodigalconsumers already clog more modern equipment, is one big unknown.
Poor William of Occam (whose logical razor is supposed to cut out unnecessarily prodigalassumptions) must be turning in his grave at the thought of such a multiplication of entities.
At this point, Leih Tseih reveals his prodigal past to Ku Yum.
Epistle III, to Lord Bathurst, deals with the use of riches, which is understood by few, neither the avaricious nor the prodigal deriving happiness from them.
In Jesus’ story of the prodigal , the father welcomes his boy home be redefining what it means to belong to the family.
Far from the wanton prodigal that she had seemed, Sarah turns out to be a faithful keeper of promises – even when they impinge upon (what she had believed to be) her greatest happiness.
The mythological god of riches guards the fourth circle, which holds the prodigal and the greedy.
The hand is self – addressed as no other organ in the animal kingdom, and it has a prodigalinventiveness permitting choice also unmatched in other living creatures.
Though he never mentions him, Tony Hendra has much in common with another prodigal , a man born two generations before him: Malcolm Muggeridge.
When he returned after winning the contest to his one-bedroomed home in a government building in central Dharavi, he was treated like a long-lost prodigal .
Go hard on those sugar farmers, or should I say, go hard on that prodigal federal government.
As a prodigal , Tom is forever annoying Sid, his priggish, elder half brother.
It is doubtful if our own rust-bucket Chancellor, with his prodigal handouts, redistributist mania and fiscal incontinence could outdo this supposedly Republican administration.
A Danish composer whose catalogue contains almost 700 works, Niels Viggo Bentzon was a dynamic creative artist of prodigal talents.
And I received the welcome of a prodigal in my house.
Even the sport most apt to have a prodigal star, tennis, rarely has a 19-year-old dominate in the men’s game.
He recognises me, after 17 years: the prodigal ‘s homecoming.
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