Terjemahan dari idyllic
sangat indah
idyllic, exquisite, gorgeous, picturesque, heavenly, princely
sangat menarik
fascinating, irresistible, charming, ravishing, idyllic, absorbing
Definisi idyllic
(especially of a time or place) like an idyll; extremely happy, peaceful, or picturesque.
an attractive hotel in an idyllic setting
sinonim: perfect, wonderful, blissful, halcyon, happy, ideal, idealized, heavenly, paradisal, utopian, Elysian, peaceful, picturesque, bucolic, unspoiled, picture-perfect, Arcadian
perfect, wonderful, blissful, halcyon, happy, ideal, idealized, heavenly, paradisal, utopian,Elysian, peaceful, picturesque, bucolic, unspoiled, picture-perfect, Arcadian
Thousands of people have spent idyllic holidays in the areas stricken by the tidal wave following the earthquake.
She and her family move to a bizarre Utopia – the idyllic suburban town of Stepford.
It’s just an idyllic setting that makes me happy to live in the neighborhood that I live in!
After long travelling, foul weather and false starts, the picture before us is not nearly so idyllic or clear cut.
Here we are in an idyllic alpine valley in that part of Bavaria that can broadly be described as Mittenwald.
The unhappiness of others somehow besmirches their own idyllic picture.
Even the most amateur of photographers can snap perfect shots in this idyllic place.
It will be an idyllic way, in between selected public appearances, to see out his remaining 50 years.
The idyllic setting is made more perfect still when, on our first night, a full moon lights up the night sky.
A more idyllic setting you could not imagine, and classical and church music added drama to the proceedings.
Last year, for instance, my boyfriend and I spent an idyllic 10 days in Marrakesh.
Funday Sunday was the bucolic and idyllic climax of the Kells heritage festival.
A woman is searching for the descendants of a Haworth family who made her life idyllic as an evacuee in the Second World War.
Franklin promised never to drink again and, after an idyllic summer, they moved into a rented house together.
City dwellers are flocking to South Lakeland to snap up farms as they try to buy into an idyllic rural life.
The backdrop of the mountains lends to the idyllic setting of Killoughternane.
Some say a horrible monster cast its ominous shadow over the peaceful and idyllic valley.
Residents from the idyllic small town of Greencastle have vowed to fight the ferry every step of the way.
An idyllic spot of woodland might hove into view, but tantalisingly only as a remote island in an ocean of ploughed fields.
They have this idea that it’s Utopia, but the lifestyle is in no way idyllic .
The initiation week was idyllically fun and adventurous but frustratingly empty, because most of the people I looked up to either left the college or got segregated to different classes.
Weather can be extreme, the climate producing idyllically still hot days and abrasive howling winds.
If one were doing a screenplay, it should not (MGM-style) show young Cathy and young Heathcliffidyllically united.
The hall, now a hotel, is idyllically located on an island which is accessible only by a narrow, iron footbridge.
It is, of course, the height of luxury, and its grounds roll idyllically from a croquet lawn to an organic vegetable plot to an ornamental Japanese garden.




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