Swagger artinya sombong, belagu, berjalan dengan sikap sombong

Contoh Kalimat :

There is something of an arrogant swagger about Ibrahimovic.

One exchange neatly sums up the swagger of the young, high, stupid and heavily armed.

Smit slowly walked back to his chair with an arrogant swagger .

The Saints duly went marching in, although it was more of a triumphal swagger in the end, and it seemed that everyone in Paisley wanted to be in that number, which of course was one.

As he twirls again, an officer’s sword highlights the confident swagger of today’s military man about town.

More than the sum of her swagger , drawl and thousand nervous gestures, she embodies her character so seamlessly that the film’s artifice seems to disappear.

He approached McGrath with a swagger and challenged him with the question, ‘Am I not the greatest bowler you’ve ever seen?’

And with billions to spend, it gives them a certain swagger .

Their backs when pushing forward had an arrogant swagger which comes with real talent.

But while a swagger of smug certainty plays well on television, prudence might argue for an open mind and the occasional flicker of doubt.

Either because it’s the truth, or because he enjoys the macho swagger , he has said he feels sad when affairs come to an end but he insists his heart has never been broken.

Jason stepped down onto the garage floor, a confident swagger in his step.

He saw enough in Hicks to remind him of the nihilistic swagger of Bruce.

Have we got what it takes to trip the loutish swagger of the Coalition’s stormtroopers?

A goal ahead after four minutes, two up after 19, his players were coasting, and playing with the confident swagger of a team who knew it, when everything unravelled with alarming simplicity.

Our sales hero comes alone, wielding an arrogant swagger .

Episodic material consists of scales and arpeggios that enhance the music’s powerful images – ocean swells, billowing sails, even a sea captain’s swagger .

Taylor has become one of the vocal leaders of the Miami defense and shows the confident swagger of the great Hurricane defenders.

Nevertheless, he captures the music’s masculine swagger right from the very first chord.

After years of hard-earned success on Broadway, where audiences lapped up their chaotic, anything-goes approach, the brothers arrived in Hollywood with an arrogant swagger .

The new president of the company could hardly be described as a swaggerer or a posturer, and he won’t be making any idle threats about strike action.

However, it is Ejiofor’s film as he swaggers around in heels or confronts the ghosts of the past with equal aplomb.

As they mooched off, one straggler swaggering along behind the others tried to do an oh-so-cool spit onto the grass.

After a lot of tick-ticking from my bright orange watch, Tyler walked, no, swaggered over, brandishing a scrap of paper triumphantly.

It was the schoolboy’s dream, humiliating England, swaggeringly and insouciantly triumphant.

It’s not just a question of how the president walks or swaggers or how he talks.

I just can’t stand the man’s style, the way he swaggers and struts and smirks and the way he looks sly and deceitful and the way Americans can’t see it.

The way the leader swaggered around as he walked made me frown a little since I had seen people like him in almost every school I had attended.

There is no better way to relax than to watch a cat – sleeping, stretching, or swaggering along.

As he swaggers into the Citizens’ Theatre, the 24-year-old is in personal and professional rude health.



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