Terjemahan dari rife
full, complete, whole, fraught, replete, rife
tersebar luas
wide-spread, rife
many, much, ample, plentiful, considerable, rife
general, common, public, generic, prevalent, rife
usual, regular, ordinary, normal, common, rife
yg mempunyai banyak
yg meluas
rife, wide-spread
Definisi rife
(especially of something undesirable or harmful) of common occurrence; widespread.
male chauvinism was rife in medicine in those days
sinonim: widespread, general, common, universal, extensive, ubiquitous, omnipresent, endemic, inescapable, insidious, prevalent
in an unchecked or widespread manner.
speculation ran rife that he was an arms dealer
  • widespread, general, common, universal, extensive, ubiquitous, omnipresent, endemic,inescapable, insidious, prevalent
  • overflowing, bursting, alive, teeming, abounding
  • plethoric, overabundant
  • prevalent, predominant, prevailing, dominant
Lebih sedikit sinonim
Disease is rife and diet related illnesses such as scurvy are evident everywhere.
Rumours have been rife about the emotional health of the sensitive actress, who started in films at 14.
That speculation, which is rife in the tea-rooms of the House of Commons, is – in truth – way off the mark.
The social and economic cancer of corruption is rife throughout the continent.
He points to the UK where, despite a generally prudish approach, underage pregnancies are rife .
It is commonly agreed that corruption and nepotism is rife within the court system.
With identity theft so rife , it would be too easy for imposters to hack accounts.
Spyware is rife and virus infection commonplace yet many home users reckon they are safe from online threats.
Unemployment was rife and the blood collection centres were magnets for the unemployed and the down and outs.
Speculation has run rife on all sorts of mad theories about who will get up in each state.
Sexual harassment is rife , and more women are being jailed.
Cultural backwardness is rife in America, but nowhere so pervasively as in small cities and towns.
However, speculation remains rife that the money generated will be used to fund redundancies this summer.
Speculation is rife about whom John Kerry will choose as his running mate.
TB was also rife and I knew some nurses who went down with it.
Speculation is already rife in the Scottish arts world about the kind of impact Boyle may have.
There is no substance in the allegation that unlawful access of phone lines is rife or commonplace.
Worldwide obesity is so rife that it represents an evolutionary shift in human body shape, an expert said yesterday.
Rumours ran wild and rife but the band would not play together again until 1993.
Street lights fail to work, litter is strewn everywhere, vandalism is rife , and adolescents roam the streets aimlessly.
Health standards declined, malnutrition spread, scabies was rife , and that summer there was a typhoid epidemic.
This is an epidemic that is devastating the world and serves as a spotlight on the inequalities that arerife throughout the global economy.
The American media is rife with rumours that the King of Pop will skip the country as soon as he is free.
Kept secret at first, the list was made public by a court order, and was quickly discovered to be rife with errors.
But as trading standards officers in York revealed this week, it’s a national pastime rife with hidden dangers.
It is a town rife with corruption, from city hall on down, and teeming with houses of ill repute.
The web is rife with intellectual property theft, and it pays to protect your brand by registering trademarks and appropriate domains.
His regime is rife with corruption and massive channelling of public funds into private pockets.
Although the area is rife with archaeological finds spanning millennia, neglect has deterred visitors.
Mitchelstown was rife with rumours yesterday of an impending announcement.



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