Terjemahan dari hemisphere
belahan bumi
setengah bola bumi
setengah bulatan
Definisi hemisphere
a half of a sphere.
The sculpture consists of an elliptical loop of steel, attached to which are spheres and hemispheres fashioned from strips of steel.
cerebral hemisphere
The left brain hemisphere posterior speech areas showed much greater activation for forward than backward speech.
In our hemisphere , areas of high barometric pressure, anticyclones, create winds which circulate anticlockwise.
If a stroke occurs in the dominant hemisphere in the frontal area of the brain, the patient will lose the ability to produce language.
The latitudinal studies involve seasonality near the equator and in each hemisphere .
The right hemisphere embodies those artistic and intuitive qualities of holistic and integral design that are are familiar in all great design, art and craft.
A long plumb line, emerging from the bottom of the hemisphere , seems to suddenly drop, its tip a smaller, whirling cluster, reminiscent of the pooling and rippling of water.
The sun was a glowing hemisphere , its faint rays slanting across the sea.
He says there is a clear southern-northern hemisphere divide.
Within the hemisphere , three brain regions work together to control reading.
The hand-sized hemisphere that occupies the heart of each sculpture is a symbolic evocation of these small, sacred vessels, and the holy river is referenced by the circular steel ring that supports thehemisphere .
Their appearance could also be the result of tissue compression and developing injury in the contralateral hemisphere due to the expanding edema formation.
The fundamental difference between the out-going, waxing hemisphere aspects and the incoming, waning hemisphere aspects can readily be seen if we think of the cycle of the seasons or of the lunation cycle or the daily cycle.
They do both their thinking and acting with only the left brain hemisphere .
And it’s clear that this whole notion that the left hemisphere is the language hemisphere and the right hemisphere is a visual hemisphere cannot be applied to a rat, okay?
These petty squabbles half a hemisphere away are not helping us at all.
You will get a taste of several climates as you sail from winter in the United Kingdom, across the tropics to summer in the Southern Hemisphere, and on to the southern edge of that hemisphere ‘s temperate zone.
the left hemisphere plays a dominant role in the comprehension of language
Generally, though we look to find at least 7 planets in any one hemisphere in order to take it into account in an analysis.
The code was validated by comparing the computed forces and torques with the analytic solutions for ahemisphere and sphere in point contact with the wall and also computations for axisymmetric spherical caps and spheroids.
Our hemispheres always work together so that we will experience a combination of right and left hemisphere in everything we do.
When the explosives go off, the hemispheres are pushed together into a sphere of critical mass.
But the mobile, malleable young Australians of today move back and forth between worlds I thought to be mutually exclusive, and they have more hemispheres than two to choose from.
Dave, you are one of those rare individuals who are perfectly ‘balanced’ in both your hemispherictendencies and your sensory learning preferences.
New norms are negotiated at the global level hemispherically in the Free Trade Area of the Americas rather than in North America, where there is no viable forum for deliberation and decision.
As man and boy my breakfast has consisted of one Weetabix with a covering of Kellogg’s Cornflakes with unrefined dark Cane sugar served in a hemispherical bowl with semi-skimmed milk and a heavy ‘Old English’ pattern spoon.
The cell body is actually a cylinder capped at both ends by hemispheres and the radius of the flagellum helix is smaller than that of the cell body.
It has been known for many years that people with large lesions of the frontal lobes in bothhemispheres have great difficulty inhibiting inappropriate behaviors.
For athletes from northern hemispheres , like Canada, this will prove to be a challenge due to the extreme climate change.
I eyed dad’s less-fried egg enviously as his yolk spread across his plate whilst my own upheld itshemispherical shape, solid, in the centre of the white.
The human brain is divided in two hemispheres and, when the eye first lands on a word, the two parts of the word are initially projected to opposing sides of the brain.



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