Terjemahan dari expedite
accelerate, speed, speed up, expedite, hasten, quicken
launch, smooth, wage, expedite, stage, unleash
speed, speed up, accelerate, quicken, hustle, expedite
expedite, accelerate, speed, unleash, launch, quicken
quicken, speed, accelerate, hasten, haste, expedite
fast, quick, rapid, prompt, speedy, expedite
smooth, fluent, facile, streamlined, swift, expedite
good, tasty, delicious, nice, comfortable, expedite
Definisi expedite
make (an action or process) happen sooner or be accomplished more quickly.
he promised to expedite economic reforms
sinonim: speed up, accelerate, hurry, hasten, step up, quicken, precipitate, dispatch, advance, facilitate, ease, make easier, further, promote, aid, push through, urge on, boost, stimulate, spur on, help along, catalyze, fast-track
  • speed up, accelerate, hurry, hasten, step up, quicken, precipitate, dispatch, advance,facilitate, ease, make easier, further, promote, aid, push through, urge on, boost, stimulate,spur on, help along, catalyze, fast-track
  • hasten
Make sure you have his social-security number so that you can expedite the filing process.
Foreign aid can also have a role, but mainly only to expedite this growth once it starts.
he promised to expedite economic reforms
To expedite the process, you must know what you’re looking for and how much you’re willing to spend.
Time is of the essence and a board meeting was held yesterday in an attempt to expedite the process.
he promised to expedite economic reforms
To expedite this process, we have compiled a list of authoritative Web site resources on these subjects.
Welcoming the judgment, it said it would liaise with all the relevant institutions to expedite the process.
In turn, this should improve the success rate for new styles and expedite the product development process.
This intimate knowledge expedites the decision-making process and ultimately saves time and money.
An expediter for the project’s mob-tied developer was already under indictment for forging the demolition permit that had illegally cleared the site.
As a result, the demand for advanced military technology expedited the development of defense production.
This comprehensive understanding is often the best defense in maintaining skin integrity, controlling costs, and expediting the healing process.
Units began sending expeditors to assist in sorting through the ever-increasing volume of receipts.
He is also the president’s chief expediter in charge of completing key infrastructure and agricultural development projects.
Apart from expediting the corporatisation process in the film industry, it needs to nurture a habit of ploughing back earnings, he said.
It really is one further part in the process of reform and of expediting the development of our land transport system in New Zealand.
Asked whether the issue of expediting the peace process was discussed, he said India favoured a sustained and steady process.
Cross-party negotiations were more relevant in expediting the legislative process.
From extracting gold powder from riverbeds by using mercury to the open-pit mining, man has come long way in refining and expediting the process of extraction.
Late last month, Washington rejected Ottawa’s request that the determination process be expedited .
That process was expedited with the help of the veteran crew chief.
Companies will also need to create new support positions – expediters instead of administrators – whose role will be to help smooth relationships across departments.
The company also emphasized the importance of foreign capital, entrepreneurship, and technology inexpediting the development process.
The 2008 Games are simply expediting development and giving a sharp focus to development programmes.
The Ministry of Transportation says it wants to encourage everyone to use the pre-paid ticket books, because this expedites the toll-paying process.
We wind up having to hire facilitators and expeditors at different levels.



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