Terjemahan dari circulate
circulate, distribute, pass out, send out, push, circularize
circulate, revolve
circulate, turn, rotate, revolve, distribute, pass round
visit, pay a visit, circulate, see
Definisi circulate
move or cause to move continuously or freely through a closed system or area.
antibodies circulate in the bloodstream
sinonim: flow, course, move around
pass or cause to pass from place to place or person to person.
rumors of his arrest circulated
sinonim: spread (around/about), communicate, disseminate, make known, make public, broadcast, publicize, advertise, propagate, promulgate, distribute, give out, pass around
  • spread (around/about), communicate, disseminate, make known, make public, broadcast,publicize, advertise, propagate, promulgate, distribute, give out, pass around
  • flow, course, move around
  • socialize, mingle
  • circle
  • spread, go around
  • diffuse, disperse, propagate, broadcast, disseminate, pass around, circularize, spread,distribute, circularise
  • pass on, pass around, distribute
  • mobilize
Lebih sedikit sinonim
We go to a restaurant and eat, and circulate to chat with other locals, trying to make a plan.
Outside the official investigation, a different story began to circulate .
Word that a mystery guest speaker would address the Socialist throng around midday began tocirculate .
The company makes mattresses from visco-elastic foam with an open-cell structure that allows air tocirculate freely.
It is tempting to think the virus does not circulate in my social group.
antibodies circulate in the bloodstream
Each deck or cloister is wide enough for people to circulate while others work or chat.
When we were invited to a party we couldn’t circulate as a couple.
Adverts on Blackburn buses have begun to circulate across the area.
antibodies circulate in the bloodstream
But local authorities want to turn it into a high-tech hub, which means information and ideas need tocirculate freely.
To truly loop or recur, the message or information needs eventually to circulate back through the system toward its originary point.
The deaths have prompted fears that a rogue shipment of deadly drugs may be circulating in the area.
Rumours that an entrepreneur may buy the doomed factory have been circulating among workers and the local business community.
It can even indirectly prevent disease by stimulating the immune system and circulating hormones.
The Internet is essentially a system for circulating information.
A soft breeze circulated the area and petals were blown off the tree.
The circulator frequently assesses the patient’s level of comfort.
An air pump circulates a continuous flow of air through the device, replacing any air that is lost through the surface’s pores.
They accused us of being unprofessional in a number of ways, saying that we were responsible for rumors circulating among journalists.
The US dollar not only circulates freely but is positively welcomed in hotels, shops and street markets throughout the country.
A direct solar water heating system circulates household water through collectors and is not appropriate in climates in which freezing temperatures occur.
Day’s paper also looked different from what typically circulated in the coffeehouses and merchant exchanges.
These and the deeper tunnels form a ram system that circulates gases.
The aquapark is situated on a 40 sq m area and its equipment circulates about 35000 cubic metres of water.
Describe the differences in circulative , non-circulative and stylet-borne virus transmission.
However, water in the heating system circulates , so would not be a draw on the mains water.
A titer test doesn’t measure immunity, but it does measure antibodies circulating in the system.
Since the circulative pathway of most insect vectored viruses is similar, our findings should be applicable to other virus-vector systems.
Scottish coins were always in chronically short supply while foreign money circulated freely.
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