Terjemahan dari heap
pile, stack, heap, lot, mass, bank
mound, pile, heap
pile, heap, accumulation, hoard, dump, stack
pile, heap
pile, heap, bank, accumulation
pile, shelter, heap
sejumlah besar
host, heap
pile, heap, pack, stack, bank, hill
row, stack, heap
pile, heap
many, much, amount, lot, multitude, heap
pile, heap
pile up, heap, slump, amass, deposit
heap, heap up, pile up, accumulate, hoard
compile, accumulate, muster, amass, concentrate, heap
bestow, delegate, dump, shower, overwhelm, heap
heap, stack, heap up
heap, lavish, pour upon
Definisi heap
an untidy collection of things piled up haphazardly.
she rushed out, leaving her clothes in a heap on the floor
sinonim: pile, stack, mound, mountain, mass, quantity, load, lot, jumble, collection, accumulation, assemblage, store, hoard
put in a pile or mound.
she heaped logs on the fire
sinonim: pile up, pile, stack up, stack, make a mound of, assemble, collect
a great deal.
“How do you like Maggie?” “I like you heaps better!”
  • pile, stack, mound, mountain, mass, quantity, load, lot, jumble, collection, accumulation,assemblage, store, hoard
  • a lot of, a fair amount of, much, plenty of, a good deal of, a great deal of, an abundance of, a wealth of, a profusion of, (a great) many, a large number of, numerous, scores of, hundreds of,thousands of, millions of, a load of, loads of, a pile of, piles of, oodles of, stacks of, lots of,masses of, scads of, reams of, oceans of, miles of, tons of, zillions of
  • cumulus, mound, pile, agglomerate, cumulation
  • sight, hatful, great deal, tidy sum, good deal, lot, slew, flock, mess, mickle, stack, wad, pile,batch, pot, muckle, deal, plenty, spate, mountain, mass, raft, passel, peck, mint
  • jalopy, bus
  • pile up, pile, stack up, stack, make a mound of, assemble, collect
  • stack, pile
Lebih sedikit sinonim
As the cross is secured, the youngsters heap the combustible material around the pole, and it is set ablaze by the man to last marry in the village.
But a whole heap of relatively strange things happened too.
Now I know this may get me into a whole heap of trouble, but I couldn’t help feeling this novel might prove more popular with ladies than gentlemen.
There’s an unfinished attempt at a deck, no more than a heap of firewood, in one of the back corners, and a small dumping area in the other where the previous owners used to tip grass cuttings.
Even decoded, the instructions on the tag don’t make a whole heap of sense.
The retro releases have resurrected the original college colors plus a whole heap of collaborations have kept the integrity intact.
she rushed out, leaving her clothes in a heap on the floor
I’ve been putting this off for days now but there’s only so long you can live with your clothes in a bigheap on the floor and your shoes scattered randomly across your bedroom.
I dug through the heap of clothes that had collected into a mountain on one corner of my room and found my favorite pair of jeans.
A janitor at Ryko looked down at the broom he was pushing and noticed he had collected a big heap of old Zappa albums that have been rattling around the warehouse for a chunk of the last decade.
So the ‘agreement’ referred to in the AP story is tenuous, at best, and at worst, lacks a whole heap of context that renders it meaningless.
Most beginners heap their plate with two or three of their favourite items, and soon find that they have no appetite for several of the exotic dishes.
She left her clothes in a tidy heap on the floor, since she didn’t know where the laundry basket was.
As it was, I bought a few things for myself, and a whole heap of Christmas presents (two of which got broken on the way back, sadly).
they climbed back in the heap and headed home
The police had set up roadblocks immediately, and at one point that night a whole heap of people tried to bust through the roadblock in cars and on foot.
There’s a whole heap of side effects with that, so it’s hard to know which part was making me sicker, whether it was the disease or the drug.
When building homes, dusky-footed wood rats heap sticks into protective piles that may reach several feet in height and width.
There was a whole heap of resistance to the initial spraying round.
The lure of the range brings out the cowpoke in all of us, along with the chance to heap a plate high with some hearty cowboy dishes.
Feel free to pour your scorn or heap your praise upon us.
I want to get to a whole heap of Art Galleries and Museums too.
I could list off a whole heap of things that are sitting in my room that I couldn’t stand to see get broken, wrecked, destroyed or misplaced.
There’s a whole heap of things I ought to be filling my time with.
Well I’ve sold a whole heap of parts to people, nobody’s ever come back and asked me where I got the parts from.
they climbed back in the heap and headed home
Take into consideration our high numbers of houseless and hungry people and you find a whole heap of hungry, gluttonous Christians here.
Spread a mulch of wood chips, cocoa bean hulls, or the like around the plant, taking care not to heapthe material around the rose’s trunk.
a heap of gravel
I myself want to heap praises on you for your coverage, for the information you give us in such a short space.
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