Terjemahan dari diminutive
small, little, minor, young, slight, diminutive
yg mengecilkan artinya
diminutive, diminutival
kata pengecil
Definisi diminutive
extremely or unusually small.
a diminutive figure dressed in black
sinonim: tiny, small, little, petite, elfin, minute, miniature, mini, minuscule, compact, pocket, toy, midget, undersized, short, teeny, weeny, teeny-weeny, teensy-weensy, itty-bitty, itsy-bitsy, baby, pint-sized, knee-high to a grasshopper, little-bitty, wee
a smaller or shorter thing, in particular.
It is the role of giant ruffians like me to fall before doughty diminutives like him, and each of us must play our part in that ancient story.
  • tiny, small, little, petite, elfin, minute, miniature, mini, minuscule, compact, pocket, toy,midget, undersized, short, teeny, weeny, teeny-weeny, teensy-weensy, itty-bitty, itsy-bitsy,baby, pint-sized, knee-high to a grasshopper, little-bitty, wee
  • flyspeck, midget, petite, lilliputian, bantam, tiny
Bass from the subwoofer is powerful enough to put the boom into explosive cinematic action, while CDs or MP3s played through the diminutive unit sound clear and subtle – a neat trick for a player at this price.
Apparently the name Merkin comes from a diminutive form of Matilda.
Maybe it’s the diminutive use of his name, but Jonny A seems like some kind of a greaser in a leather jacket.
In front of the two male imperial figures a diminutive courtier or herald holds open the scroll, presumably reading aloud the announcement of the betrothal.
Had he been in any other situation, the prince would have said something to counter the diminutivetitles that the man had given him and his father.
But do not be put off by their diminutive name or even by some of the many examples that have absolutely no interest to you.
Of course, traditionally, as young unmarried women, they would have been called Fräulein, where the ending – lein is diminutive .
In 1928 he proclaimed himself King of Albania, taking the name Zog, a diminutive of his family’s surname.
His insistent sexual attentions and diminutive pet names become less and less appropriate to the role she is now playing, and her self-image finally comes apart from the one her husband wants to impose on her.
The unpredictable and random threat of such a devastating machine is at polar extremes from itsdiminutive replica, which offers an intimate view of a closed and isolated community of sailors.
Local election boards wrongly threw out virtually every signature that had been printed rather than written in cursive, as well as those with an initial or diminutive form of the first name.
But then, in the happiest moment at Bighorn, he actually referred to himself in the diminutive .
Sarah is a diminutive figure on stage, but when she sings her heavenly voice instantly makes her the centre of attention.
His collection of approximately one hundred and twenty-five antique, renaissance and eighteenth century decorative gems is a perfect example of his delight in the diminutive .
She was of diminutive size and delicate health; she was pretty and clever and talented.
He has shreds of European heritage from his Polish great-grandfather for whom he is named: Stasiu – adiminutive of Stanislaus.
It is the diminutive of the name given me by your great-great-grandmother.
In any case, whatever the cause of the conflict, it is inevitable that the small dog, simply because of itsdiminutive stature, takes the brunt of the conflict, be it an attack or a warning growl and pin to the ground.
You look it up in your book of babies’ names: Sasha is a Russian diminutive of Alexandra.
I believe that Liz, simply as the diminutive of the name Elizabeth, has been suggested as the most likely source of the rock’s name.
But even these diminutive numbers tend to belie the extremely small spaces into which a ferret can fit.
A diminutive figure in black, she nodded and smiled gently at the crowd.
Ke is a diminutive suffix, conveying the sense of little in reference to the size of the dog.
The rabbis rounded his name, added the diminutive .
The earliest were over 20 cm in height, and the Italian diminutive refers to the reduced measurement of 14 cm, introduced when the first public opera houses opened in Venice.
Reluctant to allow myself to be intimidated by a diminutive Frenchman who makes slightly effete music, I want to do the same back, but have just spotted that his trousers are half-undone.
But while she is no softie and revels in a little rough-and-tumble now and again, her diminutive figure belies the true extent of her football potential.
Our culture strangely gives value to the large and is dismissive of the diminutive .
Chinese elm has been a popular tree for small gardens because of its diminutive proportions and pleasant rounded canopy, but again, seeding can be a problem.
I’ve often revelled in these diminutive descriptors, because there’s none other like me.



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