Terjemahan dari exacerbate
peeve, fret, exacerbate, vex, get down
sharpen, improve, exacerbate, increase, better, set
intensify, exacerbate, increase, aggravate
exacerbate, aggravate, increase, intensify
membuat lebih buruk
exacerbate, worsen, aggravate
exacerbate, embitter
rile, exasperate, provoke, exacerbate, alarm
increase, intensify, aggravate, exacerbate
Definisi exacerbate
make (a problem, bad situation, or negative feeling) worse.
the forest fire was exacerbated by the lack of rain
sinonim: aggravate, worsen, inflame, compound, intensify, increase, heighten, magnify, add to, amplify, augment, add fuel to the fire/flames
  • aggravate, worsen, inflame, compound, intensify, increase, heighten, magnify, add to, amplify,augment, add fuel to the fire/flames
  • worsen, aggravate, exasperate
  • aggravate, exasperate
Lebih sedikit sinonim
Vehicles driving through the floodwaters were causing waves, exacerbating problems for households already flooded.
And if you extend its availability you are merely exacerbating the problem.
Pilots, unhappy at the increased expectations placed on them, are exacerbating the situation by striking for improved pay and conditions.
It is possible to misinterpret worsening of symptoms as an exacerbation of multiple sclerosis.
This provides the opportunity to intervene before the exacerbation develops fully.
Asthma exacerbations increase morbidity and mortality in patients, decrease their quality of life, and increase the cost of treatment.
Vicky, Alex’s wealthy sister, exacerbates the situation by offering Neil money.
At least the government is trying to find an actual solution, rather than exacerbating the problem.
How can the war continue, they ask, if it’s exacerbating the problem it was meant to solve?
Significant reductions in the number of primary school pupils are in some cases exacerbating financial problems.
So what they do is take the driving test and then they fail, and it simply exacerbates the situation.
The child’s detachment exacerbates the parents’ feeling of helplessness.
So it’s not the violence, per se, but the exacerbation and constant repetition.
He also criticised the city’s universities for exacerbating the situation.
Rising energy costs, which are a result of a growing scarcity, as well as inflation, are exacerbating the situation.
Along comes a referee intent on making peace but instead of getting both sides to kiss and make up the peacemaker only exacerbates the situation.
She believes that processed food, particularly ready meals, are exacerbating the problem.
That strains that whole relationship, probably exacerbates the situation.
Additionally, asthma exacerbations are reduced to levels that are arguably as low as might be expected.
These issues were all being felt in our local communities, with the last three years of public housing reforms only exacerbating the situation.
I find that if I walk fast, it exacerbates the situation and the urge to pee right there on the sidewalk gets stronger.
The apparently untreated road was progressively freezing-over, exacerbating the problem.
The Dartford Tunnel is a bottleneck and removing the tolls would encourage more people to use it, thereby exacerbating the situation.
Part of the problem lies in the fact that we are buying much more powerful stereos and televisions today, but other fashion trends are exacerbating the problem.
The premature closure of Fairhaven Road and problems caused by access from Frenches Road to Linkfield Lane exacerbates the situation.



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