Terjemahan dari expatriate
orang usiran
orang usiran
exile, expellee, fugitive, expatriate, outlaw
drive away, drive out, repel, cast out, evict, expatriate
waste, dispose, discard, throw away, dump, expatriate
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Definisi expatriate
(of a person) living outside their native country.
expatriate writers and artists
sinonim: emigrant, living abroad, nonnative, foreign, émigré, expat
a person who lives outside their native country.
American expatriates in London
settle oneself abroad.
candidates should be willing to expatriate
  • emigrant, living abroad, nonnative, foreign, émigré, expat
  • emigrant, nonnative, émigré, migrant, expat
  • exile, expat
  • exile, deport, banish, expel
  • deport, exile
This became a major issue as the population of expatriate children fluctuated; little English was spoken outside of group activities.
He is an expatriate rebel leader from the Spanish Civil War living in France.
Just under 100 expatriate workers are still trapped on the four rigs.
Most avant-garde works, if they sell at all, go to expatriate business-people and diplomats – and now to Western art dealers and museum curators on buying trips.
The journal started its existence in 1930 by soliciting the opinions of expatriate writers about Proust’s art and its possible influence.
Do expatriate writers and artists create cultural continuums that have more to do with a sense of regional internationalism than the binary of motherland and exile?
Fiji’s Court of Appeal – comprised of expatriate judges – ordered the restoration of the Constitution and the staging of elections.
Women are very happy to work extremely hard on a project when an outsider such as an expatriateadvisor or consultant, takes responsibility but will not take the initiative to begin a process.
Striking oil workers holding expatriate staff hostage agreed to release them on Friday.
The only people who turned up for work were expatriate teachers in management and those on temporary contracts.
Malaria-related health insurance costs for expatriate workers and their families provide a powerful disincentive for manufacturing activities.
This court normally comprises expatriate judges, currently including representatives from Australia, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea.
A large part of the business remains the broadcasting of sport to expatriate communities.
The truth is that an American expatriate has a foreign income exclusion.
The European Union was more frank, when it withdrew its expatriate staff last week because of what it described as the ‘general tension and uncertainty’ in the country.
However, even after Independence in 1947, British expatriate firms did not suddenly divest from India.
During the negotiation stages, project developers who are mostly expatriate men are usually reluctant to work outside frameworks that are considered customary.
It was a golden opportunity for him to see the living conditions of expatriate labourers who live in the camps, braving the scorching heat and adverse conditions.
An American expatriate now living in Barcelona, Spain, she and her husband teach English and French.
The information is used to assist multinational companies in determining compensation allowances for their expatriate workers.
A great deal is expected of expatriate workers, but many organisations underestimate the nature and severity of the difficulties faced by workers when they go abroad.
A multinational firm gives cash to immigration officials so they will promptly grant legitimate visa requests for their expatriate employees.
I’d also want to know if he’s ever considered becoming an expatriate .
I am American, sometimes I wish I could expatriate but at the moment that just isn’t an option.
His brief was to ‘create investment opportunities’ for expatriates in the fledgling economy.
The majority of these so-called expatriates have come to the Gulf from desperately poor neighbouring regions of Asia and Africa.
The tax plan was primarily aimed at French expatriates who dominate the state administration and enjoy a far higher standard of living than most of the indigenous population.
Many who expatriated will return to invest their money.
But most importantly, how did his expatriation influence his American and African American identities?
I chose this title because, for me, there is a kind of biographical reminiscence contained in it, first of all the experience of my expatriation and finally my return to Prague.



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