Terjemahan dari across
across, over
jarak lintas
Definisi across
from one side to the other of (something).
crossways, crosswise
it’s right across from the beach
A lot of glass flew across the classroom and some of the children were quite alarmed.
Like a little boy being led across a busy street by his mother, we will guide you.
the person across the room was Pádraig
she went across to the far side of the room
he brought his soldiers across the sea with him
they travel back and forth across the border
Two young boys were playing football indiscriminately across the area with a plastic bottle.
she jumped right across the gap
19 across
they fled across the mountains
I ran across the street
I am not a celeb but as luck would have it, I have friends living across a wide geographical stretch.
he looked across at me
This led to flooding across many areas of agricultural land, leaving potato crops in ruin.
A conventional bomb could then be used to spread radioactive particles across a densely populated area.
Eight minutes later, he hit a neat pass across the penalty area before Todorov slipped the ball past Friedel.
their eyes met across a room
Scot runs an athletics club whose members train on the school’s playing field for junior school pupils from across the area.
there’s a blanket draped across the door
They were standing inside a large circle, probably measuring about one hundred feet across .
He proposes to build a stone cairn six or seven feet high and 12 to 14 feet across , either inside the fold or next to it.
her makeup was smeared across her face
Business, community groups and individuals across the area took part in last month’s Macmillan event.
they went across to Scotland looking for work
Unfortunately, when we reached half way across the bridge a middle-aged man was speeding up behind us.
It was about fifteen feet high, and fifteen feet across , in the shape of a huge block.
Out of the corner of my eye I can see CCTV’s main camera lock on to my position from across the road.
he had swum across
It measured 670 feet across and depicted a chain of crescents around a central circle.
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