Terjemahan dari chore
pekerjaan rumah
homework, chore, outwork
pekerjaan yg tdk tetap
odd job, char, chore
pekerjaan sehari-hari
chore, groove
Definisi chore
a routine task, especially a household one.
Girls as young as four and five are expected to help with household chores and to care for their younger siblings.
sinonim: task, job, duty, errand, work, domestic work, drudgery
  • task, job, duty, errand, work, domestic work, drudgery
  • bore, pain, drag, buzzkill
  • task, job
Lebih sedikit sinonim
he sees interviews as a chore
Too many of them were standing around as though fielding were merely a tedious chore to be undertaken before you got your turn at bat.
he sees interviews as a chore
The routine is a chore , but the result is spectacular when combined with Cawley’s fashion parade of nine costumes.
This seems strange to some, but why should we not make something fun out of a necessary chore ?
In the end, ‘Not of this World’ could have been a very good movie; instead it’s just a tedious chore .
As a woman I find its application the most tedious chore and will go to any lengths to avoid the process.
For me, it’s so much more of a chore or a necessity than a pleasure.
To her, it was more of a chore , a necessary task that had to be done in order to remain alive.
Video editing is a taxing chore , which is why we choose to use it on motherboards to test performance.
And training – which is essential to boost your power, stamina and chin – becomes a real chore .
But at the time, a dozen years ago, cloning a gene was not the routine chore it is today.
She had taken the boys to school and come home to do a few minor household chores .
These women are still spending nearly three hours on household chores every day!
Mary was a woman of gentle disposition who went quietly about her daily chores .
Geraldine was doing her home chores when the phone rang for her Evening Press interview.
The household chores have had to be shared differently as she cannot cut hard vegetables or do the vacuuming.
By the time I get up, do the usual daily chores and get everyone fed it’ll be time to go to work.
Domestic helpers are usually associated with menial jobs and household chores .
Girls as young as four and five are expected to help with household chores and to care for their younger siblings.
Try to schedule some of your routine chores on workdays so that your days off are more relaxing.
Yet there are simple and safe alternatives to those everyday household cleaning chores .
Meantime, while waiting for Graham to recover, I have a mountain of laundry and other householdchores to do.
Her free time in the evenings and at the weekend was spent helping the family with household chores .
Routine chores , that other people may take for granted, have inevitably become a problem.
No more will they have to face the daily domestic chores most of us take for granted.
The family thought the young social worker had been sent to help them with household chores .
Tackle winter cleanup chores and repair garden tools.
She missed her daily chores and annoyances and the routines of a normal life.
More people than ever before have someone to do their household chores for them.
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