Terjemahan dari dismantle
unload, dismantle, disassemble, unpack, pry, expose
remove, take off, strip, disconnect, relieve, dismantle
cannibalize, take off, strip, relieve, dismantle, disconnect
Definisi dismantle
take (a machine or structure) to pieces.
the engines were dismantled and the bits piled into a heap
sinonim: take apart, pull apart, pull to pieces, disassemble, break up, break down, strip (down), knock down, pull down, demolish
  • take apart, pull apart, pull to pieces, disassemble, break up, break down, strip (down), knock down, pull down, demolish
  • take down, tear down, raze, pull down, rase, level
  • strip
  • disassemble, take apart, break apart, break up
Lebih sedikit sinonim
City officials originally requested that owners of these establishments voluntarily dismantle the offending structures.
To dismantle the alarm box and break through these very solid security doors will have taken a lot of time, effort and skill.
The chimney, built in the late 1800s, was due to be demolished by dismantling it brick by brick.
Instead of discovering the profound truths of human reality, deconstruction dismantles them and reveals them to be illusions.
So, yesterday, Graham tackled the job of dismantling the frame, pulling out the old mount, and putting a new one in its place.
It is they who must do the paying if dismantlers are to bring their practices up to the new legal standards – which three quarters of the 28 Bradford scrapyards subjected to a spot check were found to have failed to do.
They announced the intention of dismantling the state rationing system?
Ireland had set about dismantling England’s ambitious plans with such zeal that to fall at the final fence was unthinkable.
Residents only knew of plans for this when we asked workmen who were dismantling the old and vandalised pieces of play equipment.
The old scoreboard was dismantled recently and will be replaced by a new electronic one in the next few weeks.
Instead of stacking them in cupboards, we’re supposed to wipe the memories and then phone the computer dismantlers , who’ll take them away and turn them into something useful.
The scale, which can be dismantled , is leveled with the floor of the building.
They set about dismantling the old whaling station and raised the Argentine flag.
By dismantling shabby sheds and old lanes, the residents can move to much better houses.
Alan Mackay then got to his feet and spoke for 40 minutes, dismantling the prosecution’s position.
The regime has been dismantling land reforms brought in during the 1950s and 1960s.
But their dismantlement by political power is neither desirable nor possible for both economic and social reasons.
Imagine dismantling an expensive film set that has not come out to the expectations of the art director.
These are the last of Russia’s original 13 plutonium-producing plants slated for dismantlement .
Vehicle dismantlers are now charging to collect or take delivery of most unwanted vehicles and, as a consequence, it is cheaper for the owners to simply abandon the vehicle.
By definition, all parts are used, so there is some element of risk, but most dismantlers will now give a warranty, typically one to three months.
He kicked off his first term with demands to make cut-backs and set about dismantling the old regime.
They have wanted the benefits to be followed by the actual dismantlement , so sequencing is going to be another key issue.
It emphasises that the old corroboration regime has been dismantled .
‘We have to test whether they are prepared to see the dismantlement of their nuclear weapons programme,’ the official added.
Is there any plan for the dismantlement of settlements that big?
Car dismantlers across the city have been targeted in a Government crackdown on illegal scrapyards.
The Scottish Parliament is already in the process of dismantling our antiquated feudal system of land laws.
He then talks about dismantling settlements, something settlers are happy to do if it is in return for peace.
It is likely the tower will be dismantled piece by piece using a large crane and a scaffold to support the remaining structure.



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