Terjemahan dari chug
bunyi letusan kecil
Definisi chug
a muffled explosive sound or a series of such sounds.
the chug of a motorboat
a large gulp of a drink.
Chris took a long chug of his beer
emit a series of regular muffled explosive sounds, as of an engine running slowly.
he could hear the pipes chugging
consume (a drink) in large gulps without pausing.
Avery chugged a cup of coffee
sinonim: gulp, guzzle, quaff, swig
gulp, guzzle, quaff, swig
Whenever the ball lands in a player’s cup, he has to chug a beer.
Only the chug of the engine breaks the silence until we find open water.
It was only when I had the thing laid out on the table and was ringing it from my land line that I discovered The Vibrator, a device which makes the thing chug like an old car on a cold morning.
Cobalt blue water lies around every bend and at dawn you’ll have the chug chug of the lobster fleet for an alarm clock.
She brushed aside branches, following the chug of an unseen train that got louder and louder until finally, another whistle sounded into the air.
Chris took a long chug of his beer
But if you like the leisurely chug of the old ferries, they still exist, and cost half as much as their speedier cousins.
With no cars allowed within the walls of this ancient settlement, both hotels make for ideal retreats, with only the sound of the sea to lull you asleep and the chug of fishing boats to wake you each morning.
Bringing the bottle to his mouth he began to chug the alcohol, looking for a way to remove the pain and guilt he felt.
Neither of them ever taught me to shave, shoot or chug a beer.
It made recycling very easy to find, and if you wanted to just stand there and chug your drink, it was very easy to then recycle the bottle.
the chug of a motor boat
We would have aborted at a relatively low speed, long before the chug notified us of our engine trouble.
Chris took a long chug of his beer
Whether you like to chug beer at parties or prefer a glass of wine with dinner makes a big difference when it comes to your health, three recent studies confirm.
But in other parts of the world, consumers with small iceboxes chug their milk from a rectangular drink box kept in the pantry.
the chug of a motorboat
We slowly trolled round a series of sunken Islands and under water ridges, only the constant chug of the outboard could be heard as evening slowly approached.
AS THE chug of a train rumbles overhead, Andy Arnold takes a seat amid the lunchtime bustle of the Arches theatre bar in Glasgow’s city centre.
I’m more than happy to inhale a bag of chips, chug beer, and crunch the empty can between my palm and my forehead.
The intermittent chug of a passing taxicab momentarily scathed Lincoln’s vision, but undeterred she preached on to a deaf society.
Manda noticed the front door was opened, and she heard a faint sound of a motorboat, chuggingthrough the water.
I could hear machinery of some kind chugging away inside.
As the train slowly chugged out of the station, her eyes filled with tears.
There is something about these sort of journeys, with the old carriages chugging along, that makes arriving at picturesque villages all the more enjoyable.
Jenny chugged the drink, pulled a face, and then set the mug down.
The engine chugged down the twisted road and Alex was thrown around like a doll.
People laughed and chugged their ale and wine, while playing darts and talking.
Alan, our dive leader, had given us a brief history lesson as our boat chugged out of harbour.
But all too soon the boat had chugged slowly past St Mark’s Square, into the Grand Canal and up to the small landing stage a short amble from our hotel.



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