Terjemahan dari charge
cost, fee, charge, expense, tab, duty
accusation, charge, indictment, count, imputation, impeachment
indictment, charge, accusation, arraignment, inculpation, crimination
complaint, charge
contents, body, charge, text, volume, filling
cost, fee, charge, expense, exes, outlay
load, burden, loading, charge, yoke, encumbrance
demand, claim, charge, requirement, indictment, assertion
task, duty, job, assignment, role, charge
affairs, business, matter, dealings, concern, charge
price, cost, value, rate, worth, charge
attack, assault, strike, raid, offensive, charge
invasion, rush, incursion, attack, onset, charge
command, order, instruction, injunction, behest, charge
mastery, control, domination, authorization, grip, charge
tanggung jawab
responsibility, charge, duty, onus, commitment, cognizance
command, charge
leadership, management, command, direction, guidance, charge
charge, accusation, inculpation, arraignment, indictment, crimination
debt, indebtedness, debit, charge, the red, arrearages
fill, charge, fill in, fill out, complete, load
attack, strike, assault, strike out, assail, charge
charge, impose, burden, inflict, put upon, debit
assign, task, depute, entrust, charge, intrust
accuse, charge, indict, incriminate, tax, arraign
indict, accuse, charge, impeach, incriminate, inculpate
ask, request, charge, bid
order, command, instruct, enjoin, charge, summon
tell, send, have, order, enjoin, charge
charge, accuse, lay claim
cover, involve, comprise, encompass, pervade, charge
membayar nanti
charge, borrow
induce, electrify, charge
denounce, tell, tattle, snitch, squeal, charge
accuse, charge, lay claim
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Definisi charge
a price asked for goods or services.
an admission charge
sinonim: fee, payment, price, tariff, amount, sum, fare, levy
an accusation, typically one formally made against a prisoner brought to trial.
he appeared in court on a charge of attempted murder
sinonim: accusation, allegation, indictment, arraignment
demand (an amount) as a price from someone for a service rendered or goods supplied.
the restaurant charged $15 for dinner
sinonim: ask in payment, ask, levy, demand, want, exact, bill, invoice
10 definisi lain
  • fee, payment, price, tariff, amount, sum, fare, levy
  • accusation, allegation, indictment, arraignment
  • attack, assault, offensive, onslaught, drive, push, thrust
  • care, protection, safekeeping, control, custody, guardianship, wardship, hands
  • duty, responsibility, task, job, assignment, mission, function, marching orders
  • ward, protégé, dependent
  • instruction, direction, directive, order, command, dictate, exhortation
  • thrill, tingle, glow, excitement, stimulation, enjoyment, pleasure, kick, buzz, rush
  • guardianship, tutelage, care
  • mission, commission
  • complaint
  • burster, explosive charge, bursting charge
  • direction, commission
  • billing
  • cathexis
  • bearing
  • accusation
  • flush, bang, thrill, rush, kick, boot
  • electric charge
  • ask in payment, ask, levy, demand, want, exact, bill, invoice
  • bill, debit from, take from
  • accuse of, indict for, arraign for, arraign on a charge of, prosecute for, try for, put on trial for,inculpate for
  • entrust, burden, encumber, saddle, tax
  • attack, storm, assault, assail, fall on, swoop on, descend on, lay into, tear into
  • rush, storm, stampede, push, plow, launch oneself, go headlong, steam, barrel, zoom
  • suffuse, pervade, permeate, saturate, infuse, imbue, load, fill
  • order, command, direct, instruct, enjoin, adjure, bid
  • commit, institutionalize, send
  • saddle, burden
  • level, point
  • charge up, turn on, rouse, commove, excite, agitate
  • load
  • appoint
  • blame
  • shoot down, buck, tear, shoot
  • accuse
  • lodge, file
  • bear down
  • consign
  • bill
Lebih sedikit sinonim
He has been detained without charge or trial in the jail for the last 15 months.
The adenylate energy charge decreased only slightly and stabilized at rather high values in all species.
music carries a strong emotive charge
By January, the billings department had yet to charge Bitton for services rendered.
they levied an extra charge
I confronted several of the teachers present over what I considered the abuse of students in theircharge .
They have been held in the prison camp for up to three years without charge or trial.
Plug it in to your computer to charge the battery and transfer songs.
It is intriguing to watch those who run, those who hide, those that charge headlong and those that push their friends in front of themselves for protection.
they charge a small fee for postage
Because of this decision, they will be taking a charge on the loss of its investment in its operations.
Not just a few reports, but visits by him and the theater commanders to every confinement facility in their charge .
With Lynne’s help, the charity, which has to charge for its services because funding is so tight, hopes to be able to expand.
Although banks have a standard penalty rate, it is worth asking the amount your bank will charge for the delay.
I don’t advise anyone to charge that barricade
When the balloon is held up to a wall, the negative charge causes the electrons in the wall to move away from the area.
It was common to charge manslaughter and culpable driving together.
The first anti-matter particle discovered was the positron, which has a mass similar to an electron but with a positive charge .
they released him without charge
my niece is my charge
If she did then she would be punished and unable to protect the ones in her charge .
He left the business in my charge whenever he had to leave home.
Therefore, the traditional approach might be that he should face his trial again on a charge of murder rather than manslaughter.
I have therefore laid down the charge which was placed upon me
the judge gave a painstakingly careful charge to the jury
Such forces can rarely be detected ahead of time, but to charge headlong without at least trying to assess your situation is like skipping nonchalantly through a mine field.
If he is correct, there may be no entitlement to charge the costs to the mortgage account, as the building society habitually have done.
The result was a small explosion from the charge .
Now you can store up a nice high voltage charge on some caps and put them to use.
It was obvious that the school-age kids placed in his charge for the duration of the strike wanted nothing more than to return to class and their regular routines.
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