Terjemahan dari mate
pair, partner, mate, duo, set, counterpart
husband, man, spouse, mate, consort, yokefellow
colleague, associate, companion, mate, friend, comrade
friend, companion, mate, comrade, associate, compeer
mate, partner
wife, spouse, woman, consort, housewife, mate
female, cow, slut, mate, woman
cock, stag, tom, mate
perwira kapal pembantu kapten
marry, mate, get married, wed, copulate, couple
marry, wed, marry off, mate, splice, cross
collate, equal, mate, balance
merge, combine, coalesce, affiliate, incorporate, mate
menciptakan mat
checkmate, mate
Definisi maté
each of a pair of birds or other animals.
a male bird sings to court a mate
sinonim: match, fellow, twin, companion, other half, equivalent
a fellow member or joint occupant of a specified thing.
his tablemates
sinonim: partner, life partner, husband, wife, spouse, lover, live-in lover, significant other, companion, helpmate, helpmeet, consort, better half, other half, (main) squeeze, hubby, missus, missis, old lady, old man
an assistant or deputy, in particular.
Take for instance, the boatswain’s mate who needs to put that new coat of paint on the bulkhead.
(of animals or birds) come together for breeding; copulate.
successful males may mate with many females
sinonim: breed, couple, copulate
connect or be connected mechanically.
a four-cylinder engine mated to a five-speed gearbox
an infusion of the leaves of a South American shrub, which is high in caffeine and bitter.
the South American shrub of the holly family which produces maté leaves.
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Sinonim mate
  • partner, life partner, husband, wife, spouse, lover, live-in lover, significant other, companion,helpmate, helpmeet, consort, better half, other half, (main) squeeze, hubby, missus, missis,old lady, old man
  • match, fellow, twin, companion, other half, equivalent
  • better half, partner, married person, spouse
  • fellow
  • match
  • teammate
  • first mate
  • checkmate
  • breed, couple, copulate
  • checkmate
  • copulate, pair, couple
  • twin, pair, couple, match
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I’m really sorry about this, mate , but it’s for your own good, honest.
successful males may mate with many females
I mean, that’s terrible to lose a life partner and a mate at any age, but certainly at a young age like that.
I was with a mate
And if I have mistranslated, remember that it’s all from my memory, mate .
Have you ever wondered as to the whereabouts of the mate to those odd socks you find in the dryer or your sock drawer?
The bird and its mate had built the nest in the bottom of the box and laid five tiny eggs.
As well, there is a reluctance on the part of farmers to mate any bulls for fear they will lose their strength and condition.
Can you find the mate in two for White in today’s diagram?
a plumber’s mate
It may be just a smear to you, mate , but it’s life and death to some poor wretch.
Not on your bloody life, mate , we know what’s in it.
So clean animals are separated from unclean animals, and it is forbidden to sow two kinds of seed in one field, to wear clothes of two kinds of fabric, or to mate two kinds of animals.
a male bird sings to court a mate
In medieval times, there was a romantic belief that birds chose their mate in February.
Therefore the defendant’s fault was not a cause of the collision which occurred while the mate was in charge of the ship.
Well maybe you should mediate because I wouldn’t want to be left alone in a room with her, mate .
‘These days it’s sibling revelry, mate ,’ Tim jokes in his soft New Zealand accent.
He joined the navy, became surgeon’s mate , and sailed in 1741 for the West Indies on an expedition against the Spaniards.
Her devoted mate of six decades is a retired production supervisor.
He carelessly walked into a mate in five, which he thought was simply drawing.
More and more anglers are either going solo, or going in partnership with a mate or several mates and buying their own boat.
He wasn’t paying attention since he saw that a forced mate resulted from the line he actually played.
To make matters worse, he put the tanker on autopilot and he left the helm in the hands of a fatigued third mate .
Johnny tried, failed, and eventually gave up on getting the captain and mate to reach peace.
This was the time when the birds were believed to choose their mate for the spring.
This one’s for you, mate , and I promise never to call your wheels a ‘second division footballer’s car’ again.
In late winter they migrate to selected shallow bays, forming congregations to pair and eventually mate.
The pandas only have one mating season per year, and the San Diego pair did not mate .
The defendant then shouted at the injured driver, ‘There’s no damage, mate , you’re alright’.
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