Terjemahan dari belated
late, overdue, delayed, belated, tardy, dilatory
Definisi belated
coming or happening later than should have been the case.
a belated apology
sinonim: late, overdue, behindhand, behind time, behind schedule, delayed, tardy, unpunctual
  • late, overdue, behindhand, behind time, behind schedule, delayed, tardy, unpunctual
  • late, tardy
Wishing you and your family a belated Christmas and an early Happy New Year
It was a belated birthday present from her family after Alice turned 100 in July.
That went on most of the evening, although we broke for dinner and for more belated presents as the weather got steadily worse.
After today’s game Duff plans to enjoy a belated birthday meal back in Aberdeen with his parents and girlfriend.
There may be belated Christmas refreshments after the meeting and to welcome in the New Year.
So the sanctions, belated and porous though they were, did have some limited effect.
The city administration has made a belated response to the problem of urbanization.
In our case, not only were the condolences belated , but we also failed to offer concrete support.
The move is long overdue and it’s mostly belated good news for shareholders.
If you missed out on Valentine’s Day, surprise a loved one with a belated trip to the most romantic capital of Europe.
Also a belated 81st birthday is extended to Maggie McGee from her family and friends.
She is married to Anthony and her children, family and friends, wish her a belated happy birthday.
It’s a grey, cold day here in Amsterdam and I have to go and raid the fridge to find something for ourbelated Saturday brunch.
A belated thank you for paying for this year’s school fireworks display.
I’m debating whether that should count as a belated Friday entry or an early Tuesday one.
Though belated , the announcement went down well with the workers both permanent and temporary.
Santa Claus even made a belated arrival in the street together with sleigh to entertain the children and give out presents.
Of course, apologies followed, and at five to three the belated ceremony was commenced to the relief of all concerned.
The couple intend to take a belated honeymoon in South America before the fleet sets off on its next leg around Cape Horn.
Kris and I went over to my parents’ house last night for a belated birthday party for my sister.
This brings us to another aspect of history that now very belatedly has entered the controversy.
Marina rolled her eyes – why did she get the feeling that belatedness was inherited from her mother’s side of the family?
I freeze for a split second, then stamp belatedly on the brakes.
I came home to Kansas for a visit and took my friend Chris out to belatedly celebrate her birthday.
He did not have before him the example of Taylor’s belatedness .
I apologize for my belatedness , but you seemed to have managed just fine on your own.
I scampered along behind her, belatedly aware of the distress she’d felt on witnessing the fight.
Because of the belatedness of capitalist development, the working class was numerically too weak to carry out the democratic and national struggle.
Their contribution has, belatedly , been recognised in recent years.
I apologise for the belatedness , because these correspondents were ahead of the curve.
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