Terjemahan dari heritage
heritage, legacy, inheritance, patrimony, bequest, heirdom
heritage, legacy, remains, holdover, residual, monument
heritage, heirloom, relic, bequest, heirdom
Definisi heritage
property that is or may be inherited; an inheritance.
For the pluralistic West, universal access to heritage is an individual right.
sinonim: inheritance, birthright, patrimony, legacy, bequest
a special or individual possession; an allotted portion.
This is your heritage as a baptized Christian, and it is something the Father longs to do for you.
  • inheritance, birthright, patrimony, legacy, bequest
  • tradition, history, past, background, culture, customs
  • ancestry, lineage, descent, extraction, parentage, roots, background, dual heritage, heredity
  • inheritance
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They are constructing around existing old-growth trees and heritage plants.
Celebrate your African heritage by taking part in today’s indigenous games extravaganza, starting at 10 am.
For old garden roses, also known as heritage roses or antique roses, it’s a little different.
Still, much of the nation’s heritage has been destroyed in the name of modernization.
they had stolen his grandfather’s heritage
You can go from ballistic nylon, which is a commodity that everyone needs to have, to our heritagelines of tweed and belting leather.
Many traditional dishes contain beans and corn, reflecting the Indian heritage of the country.
a heritage centre
Most modern roses are budded, and have a bud union, while heritage roses, many shrub roses, and most miniature roses grow on their own roots and do not have a bud union.
Together, we must help each other preserve the national heritage for future generations.
History is necessary to instil patriotism and pride in the younger generation about the cultural heritage , values systems and religions, she says.
heritage brands have found a growing cachet among younger customers
And jazz lovers are no doubt worrying about what the devastation could mean for the city’s musicalheritage .
Europe’s varied cultural heritage
But now, like so much of the nation’s natural heritage , it is under threat.
Hear about heritage varieties of apples and then taste the different types.
The two specimens in the red pots at the front are Dwarf French Beans of the variety Scott’s Bean, aheritage variety from the HDRA Heritage Seed Library.
God’s love remains your heritage
A traditional role of universities has been to pass on the intellectual heritage and culture of a country.
I’ve bought some turnip seeds (some rare heritage variety, natch…) and intend to grow turnips until they’re coming out of my ears.
We are trying to save the visual heritage of these historic buildings and create a modern community centre inside.
the richness of our diverse cultural heritage
The heritage orchard has a variety of different breeds of pears and the community uses the pears for wine, jams and all sorts of yummy things.
Brothers, sisters and their children will pay a tax of 0.7 per cent of a heritage portion of over 250,000 leva worth.
The regeneration of heritage marques through injections of dynamic fashion talent was the big fashion story of the mid- and late-1990s.
This is your heritage as a baptized Christian, and it is something the Father longs to do for you.
In pre-literate societies, poetry was the means by which a community’s cultural heritage was passed from one generation to the next.
The logistics of buses and tour guides in each area is still being sorted out but the idea is rolling out with enthusiasts in each town planting heritage roses around tourism sites.
Some of those old heritage varieties can still be found in seed catalogs.
The jacket image was created by award-winning design agency The Partners, who work with some of Britain’s oldest heritage brands including Jaguar, Wedgwood, Harrods, the BBC and The National Gallery.
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