Terjemahan dari allege
say, tell, claim, speak, mention, allege
menduga keras
menyatakan tanpa bukti
Definisi allege
claim or assert that someone has done something illegal or wrong, typically without proof that this is the case.
he alleged that he had been assaulted
sinonim: claim, assert, charge, accuse, declare, state, contend, argue, affirm, maintain, attest, testify, swear, aver
  • claim, assert, charge, accuse, declare, state, contend, argue, affirm, maintain, attest, testify,swear, aver
  • aver, say
Elsewhere, police announced that they had captured Bank Global employee Steven, who was wanted for attempting to destroy documentation connected to the alleged fraud.
The case against Krekar is built largely on the testimony of two young men alleged to be members of Ansar al-Islam.
However the actual dishonesty alleged relates to Mr Sage’s claim that he had always had a recollection of using the words at the meeting.
Romanists, in their attempts to prove infallibility, commonly begin by alleging the necessity of an infallible authority in matters of faith.
Last night more than 2,000 police officers faced angry groups of people frustrated with high unemployment and alleged discrimination.
Finally, at the conference, there were even intimations that some attendees believed that many allegedvictims were not actually victims at all.
Zimbabwe’s opposition leader, Morgan Tsvangirai, today said he would return home this weekend despite alleged assassination threats from the Mugabe regime.
His only witness had a similar loss of memory about the details of the alleged confrontation.
Traffic on the laneway was also being impeded, he alleged .
A potential Labour backbench revolt over the Government’s plans for faith schools was delayed last night by a Commons row over alleged vote-rigging.
Tomorrow the Constitution Court will meet to decide whether to dissolve Mr Somchai’s People’s Power Party for alleged vote-buying.
There can be circumstances where the open airing of suspicions may infringe the reasonable right to privacy of someone alleged to have ‘ broken the rules ‘.
He couches his displeasure as an objection to the Pope’s alleged desire to wage war on modern liberal democracy.
A single strand of murdered schoolgirl Sarah Payne’s hair was found on the sweatshirt of her allegedkiller, a court heard yesterday.
Two brothers, engineers Mike and MarK Tanner, are facing trial for alleged links to Khan’s nuclear smuggling network.
In that case, the trial judge curtailed defence cross-examination of a complainant on her alleged false accusation of sexual assault against another man.
Nor is it alleged that the repayment of the loan was for fraudulent or improper purposes.
A number of customers have started legal action against the bank over alleged breach of confidentiality.
In Germany and France, Rambus also took action against Hyundai for alleged patent infringements.
Bush has not brought a single alleged terrorist suspect to court.



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