Terjemahan dari imprudent
negligent, remiss, neglectful, lax, derelict, imprudent
tdk berhati-hati
imprudent, hell-bent, incautious, indiscreet
tdk hati-hati
inadvertent, inobservant, imprudent, remiss, off guard
Definisi imprudent
not showing care for the consequences of an action; rash.
it would be imprudent to leave her winter coat behind
sinonim: unwise, injudicious, incautious, indiscreet, misguided, ill-advised, ill-judged, thoughtless, unthinking, improvident, irresponsible, shortsighted, foolish, rash, reckless, heedless
unwise, injudicious, incautious, indiscreet, misguided, ill-advised, ill-judged, thoughtless,unthinking, improvident, irresponsible, shortsighted, foolish, rash, reckless, heedless
Making an immediate move seems imprudent and unnecessary.
Yet while he opposes new program spending, the professor agrees that immediate federal tax cuts would be imprudent .
Carrying out the original aim of a quick war with minimal civilian casualties would require taking chances that officers here now deem imprudent .
She said it would be imprudent and refused to do so.
It is imprudent of presidents and trustees to approve budgets that were not crafted by those with the relevant academic and fiscal know-how.
Yet error in all its forms – from misstatements to imprudent acts – can and should serve a healthy role in personal development.
To further minimize the imprudent use of antibiotics for treatment of influenza, diagnostic techniques should be considered.
I think in this case, he would not do anything imprudent .
By their imprudent actions, they make the people of this country ludicrous and laughing-stocks to others.
He must be held primarily responsible for the lack of cohesive direction of the company and theimprudent way in which it has been run
In short, the president made imprudent remarks without taking into consideration the current situation the nation is now faced with.
I have merely decided that such a move would be imprudent at this time.
It would be imprudent of the Pentagon not to be developing contingency plans.
I guess the answer is that most people are inexperienced and imprudent investors who tend to believe ‘salespeople’ too easily.
It is probably not surprising that this extravagantly rich and imprudent character made enemies, and they jumped at the chance to bring him down when it arose.
I remembered my imprudent sister and sighed, frowning.
I reminded the committee that it was imprudent to embark on any major capital programme without having funding in place.
Her response is understandable, if imprudent .
His logic was that opponents would be deceived by the ship’s appearance, and make rash andimprudent mistakes during confrontation.
I think it’s probably imprudent for an independent counsel to make any predictions about the outcome of the case.
The utter imprudence of our mayor and City Council bewilders me.
And to think after all these years you still have the imprudence to say such things to me!
Beneficiaries should not be able to raid their accounts imprudently – for consumption, housing, or even emergency health reasons.
By extension, reps who would offer such investments can be viewed as acting imprudently or even unethically.
This would be equivalent to the worst form of fiscal imprudence – getting rid of productive assets to meet daily subsistence needs.
I was a very young man, not much older than you are currently, and as you must know, young men tend to act imprudently .
While 45% say he has been prudent, 48% say he is guilty of imprudence .
The king imprudently left behind him an open letter denouncing much of the work of the Revolution.
The Democrats criticize the administration for acting imprudently and through malfeasance.
You can go to the nearest police station and for sure, you will find out that the reports are full of reckless imprudence , some of which result to homicide.



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