Terjemahan dari stupor
keadaan pingsan
stupor, swoon, senselessness, insensibility, faint, fainting fit
keadaan kelengar
stupor, stupefaction
Definisi stupor
a state of near-unconsciousness or insensibility.
a drunken stupor
sinonim: daze, state of unconsciousness, torpor, insensibility, oblivion
  • daze, state of unconsciousness, torpor, insensibility, oblivion
  • daze, shock
  • semiconsciousness, stupefaction, grogginess
Lebih sedikit sinonim
Last year, a good portion of the responsible people of Dublin chose to drink themselves into a stupor .
a drunken stupor
He finds John in a drunken stupor in bed with this girl, and drags him off.
He builds a cabin in the woods to be alone and drink himself into a stupor .
The stupor of a homogeneous youth, as propagated through our media, thus becomes outdated.
Just as the crowd were being lulled into a stupor , the Scottish team pounced in the 23rd minute.
With sheer force of will, she held herself from sliding completely back into a stupor .
I tiptoed up behind him, planning to scare him and snap him out of the stupor he was currently in.
I had been in a daze, but now my anger was fired up, so strong and hot that it forced me out of thestupor .
The word Narcissus comes from the ancient Greek word narke which means a stupor .
Broken only by my forced scream to break the stupor of my condition.
Police found him at the flat, almost naked and in a drunken stupor .
I did end up drinking myself into a stupor – but it was in the middle of the room, and while talking to other people.
They had almost grown used to the odd stupor when the lift gave a sudden jolt and came to a stop.
The drinker will be heading towards an alcoholic stupor , possibly experiencing jerking eye movements.
The three boys discovered Mr Smith in a drunken stupor , sleeping on a barrel by the garage on Trowbridge Road.
He would wear the sari and quickly tie up his long hair into a bun and appear on the stage in a drunkenstupor .
Shaken, he pulled his car off the road and sat in a stupor for some time before turning back.
Nowadays walking down the street, you can still see the occasional drunk lying in a stupor on the sidewalk.
Scooping his own jacket up, Shanza gave it a distracted shake and tossed it over his shoulders in a dazed stupor .
Meanwhile, back on the stoep, both men are rooted to their chairs in what appears to be a catatonicstupor .
a drunken stupor
Her memoir offers a mortifyingly credible story of smart young women doing stuporous things.
His stuporous singing and the farting horn sounds on ‘Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah’ don’t stop the song from rocking.
The physician tried to interview him, but Joseph was stuporous , so his brother recounted the dying man’s story.
Over the next four days, the patient became increasingly confused and even frankly stuporous at times.
In extreme cases they can appear stuporous or catatonic.



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