Mullins Forced to Eat Humble Pie

Mullins Forced to Eat Humble Pie

The irate 80-year-old manager pressed charges against K.O. Mullins, suing him for assault. As tangible evidence of the attact, he pointed to a deep laceration over his eyebrow which had required ten stiches. When the case was brought before the court, the judge castigated Mullins for the sordid incident. In addition to a costly financial settlement, Mullins was required to make a public apology to the octogenarian.

  • Press charged against – mengajukan tuntukan hukum terhadap
  • Assault – serangan, penyergapan
  • tangible – nyata dan jelas
  • laceration – bekas luka
  • eyebrow – alis mata
  • stich – jahitan
  • Brought before the court – disidangkan
  • castigate – menghukum
  • sordid – kotor, memalukan
  • costly – mahal
  • settlement – penyelesaian
  • octogenarian – orang yg umurnya sekitar 80 tahunan

Sample Sentences:

  1. The medic reached into his kit to find a bandage for the ugly laceration.
  2. Mr. Dixon belittled our request for tangible proof of his loyalty.
  3. The kindly foreman was too reticent  to openly castigate the clumsy new worker.
  4. Then the teenager announced her engagement to the octogenarian, the public suspected it to the publicity stunt.
  5. Stories of their sordid youth poured forth from the unhappy felons.



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