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Woe Is Me!

The raconteur of our story about idyllic times gone by goes on to elucidate how the comely heroine is taken to the bandits hide-out. There, a sullen crew of cutthroats is gathered. They don’t wish to procrastinate; she must be taken immediately to a foreign land where much treasure will be paid to her. Their cupidity knows no bounds. The leader wants to hold her for ransom from her wealthy parents. The gang demurs; they are reticent. There is a rift among the criminals. Their leader remains truculent, and they agree to wait for just two days for the ransom money. An emissary from the grief-stricken parents is expected at any moment. The wan maiden, her spirits at their nadir, has time to ruminate about her lugubrious fate.

  • raconteur- pendongeng, a person who tells anecdotes in a skillful and amusing way.
  • idillyc – sangat indah/menarik
  • elucidate- menjelaskan, menguraikan, menerangkan
  • comely – cantik, elok, rupawan, menarik
  • sullen- a sulky or depressed mood.
  • sulky – murung, bersungut
  • cupidity- keserakahan, ketamakan
  • demur – menyatakan keberatan
  • reticent – pendiam, yg dapat menahan diri
  • rift- keretakan, celah
  • truculent- garang, keras dan kejam, kasar, bersikap menantang
  • emissary – utusan, duta, wakil, caraka
  • maiden – perawan
  • ruminate- merenungkan, think deeply about something.
  • lugubrious – murung, suram, penuh kesedihan



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