Mullins a K.O. Victim

When the bell sounded, K.O Mullins responded with alacrity. He sprang from his stool and charged across the ring, showing disdain for the champion’s strength. Although his belligerent attitude impressed the referee, it failed to intimidate the champ. That intrepid  battler laid the hapless  Mullins low with an adroit feint  and an uppercut.

  • Alacrity – kesigapan
  • Sprang – melompat
  • Charged across – berlari-lari kecil mengelilingi
  • disdain – penghinaan
  • belligerent – yg suka berkelahi
  • impressed – terkesan
  • intimidate – mengancam
  • intrepid  – pemberani
  • hapless – malang
  • adroit – gesit
  • feint – membohong/menipu



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