Terjemahan dari yore
masa lampau
past, yesteryear, yore, foretime
jaman dahulu
antiquity, yore, long-ago
masa tadi
foretime, past, yore, yesteryear
Definisi yore
of long ago or former times (used in nostalgic or mock-nostalgic recollection).
a great empire in days of yore
It is preposterous to ask seasoned physicians to acquire necessary qualifications to carry on with the legacies of  yore .
In an ideal world, I would be at home with you, enjoying breaks in the cloud and reminiscing over floods past and the storms of yore .
While they make for funny dinner conversation now, in days of yore these words were taken very seriously.
a great empire in days of yore
a great empire in days of yore
Germans believe that they got this tradition from the gypsies who came from the Indian sub-continent in the days of yore .
Boyhood’s end is a short but dramatic work full of conflicting emotions and nostalgia for days of yore .
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