Terjemahan dari demolish
destroy, crush, smash, ruin, demolish, shatter
tear down, overthrow, demolish, raze, pull down, knock down
destroy, exterminate, eradicate, wipe out, kill, demolish
storm, demolish, pound, attack and destroy
unload, dismantle, disassemble, unpack, pry, demolish
paralyze, cripple, disable, immobilize, stifle, demolish
Definisi demolish
pull or knock down (a building).
The plans comprise demolishing the pub and building seven three-bedroom houses, a four-storey block of eight, two-bedroom flats and a two-storey block with a flat and car park.
sinonim: knock down, pull down, tear down, bring down, destroy, flatten, raze (to the ground), level, bulldoze, topple, blow up, dismantle, disassemble
  • knock down, pull down, tear down, bring down, destroy, flatten, raze (to the ground), level,bulldoze, topple, blow up, dismantle, disassemble
  • destroy, ruin, wreck, refute, disprove, discredit, overturn, explode, poke holes in
  • crush, smash
  • destroy
  • pulverize, pulverise
Lebih sedikit sinonim
Developers of the site have now applied for listed building consent to demolish the weaver’s shed and build a new block containing 223 flats in its place.
The statistics are shocking – and they demolish any arguments put forward by the cynical pro-smoking lobby.
After all, Scottish football teams have constantly demonstrated their ability to demolish our dreams without external assistance.
Victor Hugo, we learn, could demolish a dozen oranges and two haunches of beef at any meal.
The combination, with the support of a goalkeeper like Dong Sik Yo, can demolish any defence in contemporary hockey.
So, you are duty bound to go over to his site finish all the free liquor and help to demolish the birthday cake.
Last Saturday against Carlton the players managed to respond to the coach’s third quarter reorganization and completely outwit and demolish a team threatening to steal a gritty win.
Besides, we don’t know whether or not Adam will start a rock band, demolish the debating team and edit the leftist student paper.
(He used the figure to demolish one of the arguments against expansion).
The battle for the runners-up spot saw Shepherds demolish Bishopthorpe, with Mick Willsden including a 101 finish for a superb 15-darter.
The straw man fallacy – invent a deliberately weakened version of your opponent’s position, demolishit, then claim to have refuted their argument.
Match 2 saw them demolish their opponents on the 14th hole winning 6-4.
There are plans to demolish the Cathedral College buildings and rebuild a £15 million building with a performing arts centre which would open from September 2005.
They demolish vast mountains of food, and it’s only when that’s gone that the party begins to wind down.
It’s not my fault that nine times out of 10 they just won’t let it lie and end up crying hysterically after I’ve been forced to demolish their argument, their character and their entire life choices.
For this tradition, it is Plato’s positive claims that are interesting, not just his insistence on argument todemolish the claims of others and to enable one’s own understanding of others’ positions.
His left foot can demolish teams but there is much more to his game than kicking.
Back at the ranch Bobby Joe was cooking up a feast of chilly dogs and all the trimmings and on return the golfers proceeded to demolish the food.
Church authorities decided to demolish the building because it was proving too costly to maintain.
They must demolish an argument in court, and demonstrate to the audience – sorry, that should read ‘jury’ – that they have done so.
People living in Semington have given their support to a campaign to keep the village post office open, despite a planning application to demolish the building that houses it.
He was at a complete loss when it came to advancing any sound argument to demolish the monetary theory of the trade cycle.
But this rather added to the general joviality, and the cake, which did taste extremely good, was quicklydemolished .
A good time was had by all and the restaurant was voted one of the best in the business, especially by Pete Galle as he demolished the ice cream special he’s been coming here for many years.
As each of his arguments is demolished he moves on to another.
He did much to rescue Keighley’s architectural heritage which was disappearing under the demolisher‘s hammer.
He quickly demolished most of the pie, then chucked the remains and the paper bag it had been in on the pavement, without breaking his stride.
The old school building was demolished in 1991.
The serene self-belief she had when demolishing every opponent in her path during the first three months of this year is gone, replaced by sloping shoulders, a down-turned mouth and an air of irritated resignation.
He added that replacing the store would require demolishing the current building, but the company would endeavour to keep trading throughout.
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