Definisi welly
power or vigor.
I like big, fat voices with plenty of welly
I like big, fat voices with plenty of welly
I like big, fat voices with plenty of welly
And you know what, he wasn’t that bad, it’s just in this day and age when they’re all using rackets the size of the average double mattress, he ought to be giving it a bit more welly on a regular basis.
Thedemo car was still running in so I was limited in how much welly I could give it.
Thierry Henry gets plenty of welly on the ensuing free-kick from about 35 yards out and PSV goalkeeper Edwin Zoetebier gets his palms stung before catching it on the second attempt.
It’s a corner, from which Sodje gives it some Stevenage-style welly over the bar.
Now you gently feed in the power and as you get past the apex of the corner you can start using as much welly as you dare.
The unit incorporates left- and right-channel speakers, along with a sub-woofer to give the bass somewelly .
Here’s the thing – I really want to get a Burberry trench coat and some wellies .
They came in their wellies and wax jackets, but tracksuits, hipster jeans, dainty shoes and sparkly tops were also on show.
Early ancestors of the parka and wellies will be on display at the National Museum of Photography, Film and TV at Bradford.
And just in case it rains don’t forget to pack your teddy bear’s wellies and rain mac – as well as your own.
Now, over the years I have suffered a lot with cold feet at times so it’s always been important to me to get the best, warmest types of wellies or waders available.
With his hardened hands thrust into the pockets of his fleece, farmer Richard Harper leans back in hiswellies to admire his flock of newborn lambs.
Take it from me, when Geoff says sturdy shoes, he means wellies .
At the end he let his voice soar as he threw away his prepared speech and gave them some impromptuwellie .
‘They all had different coloured wellies , and sat around the lounge,’ said Eve.
I had knee stockings on and ordinary shoes – we never had wellies at home.
It is a surprise to see town shoes instead of green wellies .
They should be in their wellies , walking footpaths, visiting rural attractions and declaring the countryside open for business.
We dumped the wellies in the boot, which was then shut very carefully before we headed home.
Gardeners are being urged to vote with their wellies and reject peat after a trial in North Derbyshire proved that plants can do just as well without it.
Adjudicator, Gillian Humphreys, entered into the spirit of the evening, donning a pair of red wellies .
I was told to make sure I had brushed my hair, not to wear jeans with holes in, and to put shoes on instead of wellies .
The two chaps really gave this wellie and the two girls in skirts consisting of many yards of fabric, tossed it around with gay abandon.



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